Introducing the Stolen Stitches Laminarus Knit-Along

Anyone ready for a brand new KAL?

I always love this time of year, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and now it’s time to knit ourselves a brand new cardigan!

A few years ago I designed a shawl, SiOG Stripes for a mystery KAL. In it, I used a stitch that I called the Double Garter Stitch where you work two rows on each side, one with each colour. I really liked the effect it created and I was very eager to use the stitch pattern in a garment.

Well, it took me a little while to get around to designing it but Laminarus is the end result. It’s a stretchy stitch pattern and very dramatic so I just added in a few places; at the saddle and at the bottom half of the body.

Laminarus Construction

This cardigan starts from the top with a small double garter stitch triangular saddle on each shoulder. From there you will work the front and back separately until you reach the underarm where it joins together for the body. Below the bust, you’ll begin working in Double Garter Stitch again and some cables are introduced as well. Finally, the sleeves are picked up around the armhole where we will use short rows to create a seamless set-in sleeve.

Laminarus back in Nua Sport Chalk and Plum


This style of cardigan is really great for modifying. You can fairly easily change any section without having a big impact on the other parts of the design. I’ll be giving lots of tips on the KAL tip page that will help with modifying. Do you need your shoulders wider or narrower? Do you want to add waist shaping instead of an a-line shape?

Laminarus front with cables and double garter stitch in Chalk and Plum

New to my KAL?

If you haven’t done a KAL with me before you can find lots of information about how they work here.

In a nutshell what we do is create a pattern that comes out in small chunks as a series of ‘clues’. This is supported with access to a full video workshop on Teachable (free for KAL members, and you keep access after the KAL is over), and finally you’ll get the support of other knitters in our Facebook Group.

So with the KAL you’ll have fun learning with other knitters AND a finished cardigan at the end of the process!

How to Join

You can buy the pattern here or on Ravelry here.

Initially you will get an introduction and basic sizing information. Each section of the pattern will be released on the clue schedule:

  • Clue 1: 27th May, 2021 – it all kicks off!
  • Clue 2: 10th June, 2021
  • Clue 3: 24th June, 2021
  • Final Prize: 9th July, 2021 – Raffle drawing for the grand prize from images posted on Teachable and the Facebook Group Finished Images post.

Want a kit?

Come add a yarn kit here as well and when you bundle both you can get a 10% discount until the KAL starts! (Or use code LAMINARUS10 for 10% discount individually).

Laminarus Cardigan Back with double garter stitch and cables.

KALs are always very exciting but each member knits at their own pace. I hope this post answered most of your questions about the KAL and you enjoyed meeting my latest design.

There is really only one questions left.

Will you join us?

Yes! Take me to Teachable >>

Yes! Take me to the pattern >>

Yes! Show me the yarn kits >>

No but show me more delicious yarn >>

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Stolen Stitches Laminarus Knit-Along

  1. Hi Carol….I tried to buy the Laminarius yarn kit but Option 3 was sold out. I don’t want a substitute because I really really want to do those colours. I am wondering if perhaps those colours might be restocked by the time my Celtic Club next parcel is ready to be shipped and be included. I am just finishing off my Curdach and I love it.

  2. Hi Nuala,
    I’m currently waiting for new stock to arrive later this week with my supplier. It’ll be the end of next week probably before I have it with me. I’m in the process of shipping the celtic knits club orders, I won’t know until I’m in the office tomorrow if your pack was shipped yet I’m afraid. It would mean holding the shipping of the order up by 10 days if you wanted to wait for the kit?

  3. Sorry Carol…forgot it is a holiday. No, leave things as they are then and ship my celtic knits order…with all the shutdowns and outbreaks all over the place, I will take it while the going is good. But I really do want the yarn kit when it comes in and the buttons. I can give you my card number.

  4. Hi Carol…perhaps I am on the wrong forum for details. Anyway, full bust is 36 inches.
    I did second size in Glenbarrow (Alpaca wool) and it fits beautifully…I measured it across and it is 18 inches at the bust line. I like it to fit just as the model version does on you. Would you mind making the judgement call for which size I should knit. Numbers isn’t my talent but I don’t want to run short of yarn either. Also need a couple of packets of stitch markers.. and buttons. Should I email my credit card to you.
    Thank you and I appreciate your help. The cardigan is gorgeous.

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