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I don’t often highlight sustainability in relation to Stolen Stitches, although it’s always on our mind and something we talk about almost daily in the studio. Instead, we question things and ask ‘where did this come from?’, ‘what is it?’, and ‘can it be better?’

We know that knitting is an environmentally conscious choice when using natural fibres that are carefully chosen. Hand knitting your garments, and caring for them well, so they last for many years, can contribute to a more sustainable, slow fashion way of life. However, this is only one dimension of our sustainability journey. We also need to look at how the wool is supplied to us, how it is produced and of course, how we ship it out.

Our Suppliers

As a business, there is an amount of unavoidable packaging. You need just enough to keep the product safe, and ideally, it can then either be recycled or reused. Unfortunately, we can’t always control how our products are shipped to us or what materials are used. To combat this, we favour low waste shippers and request that no non-recyclables be used. This doesn’t always work out, but it is getting better all of the time! Any non-recyclable packaging received goes straight to the ‘RE-USE!’ pile.

We hope you do the same.

This means that while we have a recycling bin for our business, we don’t have a waste collection. We generate no more than a single bag once a month; everything else is recycled or composted. This makes us extremely happy, and we want to work towards our deliveries to you being low waste and recyclable where possible.

From Us to You

Shipping internationally is a weight-sensitive business. Initially, we used polythene bags that were strong and lightweight, but this is about to change. We are now fully stocked in brown paper envelopes of all sizes. These benefit from being compostable/reusable, and I LOVE the sound of all that crinkling paper! We will use up the bio-degradable plastic bags that we have in stock and hope to be shipping with paper by mid-2022!

stack of brown paper envelopes
Stack of Brown heavyweight paper envelopes.

Very large items may still require the extra protection of the polythene bags and bubble wrap, but we hope that these are reused and recycled by our lovely customers that receive them.

Our Products

Our wools are free from cruelty to animals and humans. None of our wools are produced by mulesing. Instead, we buy from reliable sources and continue to ask questions about where the wool has come from, who made it, and how.

Postal Method

Using the postal service primarily rather than a courier is more energy efficient. They are already delivering post/other packages, which involves less driving and excess energy consumption. In addition, the postal service here in Ireland is moving to more sustainable delivery methods, which will hopefully also be seen in other countries before too long.

Where We are Going

Our sustainability journey is a work in progress, but our aim is to continue to make choices that are good for our customers, our staff, animals and the planet.

If you have any questions about any of our practices or products, please get in touch with us!

Our sustainability policy is constantly evolving. Please check back to this page for future updates.

4 thoughts on “Sustainability & Us

  1. Your sustainability policy is much appreciated! More incentive for me to continue buying yarn from you.

  2. I love that the yarn came in a paper sack. There is a company close to me that recycles: Newspapers, papers, books, boxes into insulation for homes.

    For bubble wrap I used it to stuff crocheted and knitted animals. It doesn’t come through the holes made in the stitches.

  3. I have taken notice of the fact that you mostly ship and wrap the yarns in brown paper bags which gives me one more reason to support your business, besides the wonderful patterns, yarns and classes. You pour a whole lot of love into your work and it shows in both your products and practices. Bravo!

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