Spring Seasons Club Fuaite Patterns

When we picked the green colour palette for our spring yarn, we were in the depths of winter. The wonderful variations in green seemed like wishful thinking for brighter and warmer weather. Now however here we are, it’s time to release the Spring Seasons patterns and our spring greens are just right for the season. It’s like a new awakening every Spring. Every time I look at the bright green colour it makes me happy. It is the perfect shade of green to match the new buds on the trees. I think spring may be my favourite season, we’re through the winter and it’s time to watch the world sprout and grow!

When designing the patterns for the Spring Season I wanted to keep the projects smaller and have a nature-inspired theme. I began playing around with different stitch patterns and I found a lace leaf motif that I liked. I tweaked it a little, stretching it out to be much more elongated and I love the end effect.

Fuaite Socks

Fuaite Cuff Down Socks in Bright Green

I’ve used the same motif in all 3 patterns. There are two sock patterns; Fuaite Toe-Up and Fuaite Cuff down. If you are new to sock knitting then take your pick, jump in and try one out. Cuff down is a traditional construction using a heel flap and turned heel. I actually love this construction as I’ve got a high arch, the large gusset it creates allows the sock to fit my foot perfectly with no problems taking it on and off.

Fuaite Toe-Up Socks in Subtle Green

If you have already worked a traditional sock before perhaps you’d like to experiment with a Toe-Up construction? I’ve used short rows to create both the toe and heel shaping (yarnover as this is best for socks in my experience). Standard short row heels do not have any gussets but I work increases before the heel and decreases after to allow this style to fit my high instep comfortably.

The stitch pattern runs up the outer edge of each sock. On the foot, it’s only on the front but on the leg, a second panel is added that’s on the other side of the back. You’ll always be able to tell your right and left sock! (And if you wear them the other way round it totally works as well!)

Fuaite Mitts

Fuaite Mitts in Seasonal Green

The final pattern is the Fuaite Mitts. These are so very elegant and comfortable. They take the same motif but work it double on the front, staggering the start of each so that it fits together. The cuff is extra long so these are great to keep your wrists warm! If you take a look at the yardage you’ll see that these only use up just over half a skein. So even if you knit some larger socks you will be able to knit a pair of mitts as well!


Life in the Long Grass ‘Earth’

You will notice as you are working with this yarn that it’s super soft. This is thanks to the yak, it adds a smooth, almost slippy quality to the yarn. You may find that this can loosen your gauge a little. If this is happening to you you might try a different needle size or even material (wooden v’s metal) to help you grip the yarn.

That slippy quality however makes for super soft finished knits. Very soft and luxurious.

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The club patterns are accessories inspired by the seasons of Ireland. Every season will be different and you can opt to join for a single season or create a rolling seasonal subscription.

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