Seasons Knitting Club – Summer

The days are longer, the weather is warmer and everywhere is green and smells delicious. It feels like summer in Ireland.

What we want to knit changes across the seasons; the more extreme your climate, the more extreme your knitting variation will be. So for the summer instalment of our knitting club, we wanted to find a light, airy yarn that will be a pleasure to knit and wear in warmer weather.

Despite this seeming like a pipe dream, we have found the perfect summer yarn combo, and we’re completely in love with it!

Our Seasonal yarn choice from Ito Yarns.

This season we would like to introduce you to Ito Yarns. Ito is a Japanese brand that produces high-quality yarns in a huge variety of fibres. It was this variety that made it so hard to decide! We began by getting samples of the most promising yarns. Then we tested them, both individually and combined in pairs. Most Ito yarns are fine and are designed to be combined in pairs.

As we experimented with the different yarns, we settled on a combination of two yarns that work beautifully together; Kinu and Asa. Kinu is an organic noil silk yarn and Asa is a linen/cotton/silk blend. The crisp, light combination of these yarns is exciting and a pleasure to knit with.

Our Subtle Choice for this summer season

I have always adored slubby silk. It’s got a light, crunchy, rustic feel. It’s very different from its smoother silk sister. It is known as organic silk and is produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Differently coloured fibres are blended for this silk noil yarn, to create a melange effect making this the rustic part of this pairing.

The second yarn is Asa and is a super fine blend of 72% Linen, 18% Cotton, and 10% Silk. It’s a finer yarn and has much more glitter to it. This yarn is really too fine to be used alone, but together they make a magic pair that you will not be disappointed by.

Our Brights option for this summer season.

The Pattern

While I can’t tell you exactly what the pattern is, I will tell you that it’s light and airy like the yarn. There will be two pattern options that you can choose between. Both will be easy to memorise, so once you have the pattern memorised they will make excellent vacation projects. As always, full pattern support and all the step by step workshops that you need to complete both patterns will be there for you when you need them.

Club Timing

June 1st: Summer Season Club goes live

June 25th: Summer Seasons Club closes (unless yarn quantities are sold out due to demand)

July 22nd: Seasons Club starts shipping.

July 28th: Patterns are released along with details of our live cast-on party.

What’s Included?

Our Seasons Knitting Club is a quarterly membership that has options to allow you to join for just one season or to have a rolling subscription for as many seasons as you like.

Each membership will include:

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  • Quarterly shipment of your choice of yarn option for that season.
  • Surprise treats within your subscription box made by local Irish artisans.
  • Pattern(s) are delivered to you digitally via our teaching platform and all the step-by-step workshops you need for your project from cast on to finishing.
  • Exclusive membership to our Seasons Club forum
  • A delicious seasonal cake recipe by Evin O’K

Is This Knitting Club for Me?

Our Seasons Club is perfect for adventurous beginners or those who are looking for a relaxing knitting club. We have taken care of sourcing specialist yarns and treats and preparing exclusive designs with all the step-by-step workshops you need to complete your projects. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and celebrate the seasonal changes with us, and if you’d like to chat, we have a dedicated forum just for you! 

How Can I join?

Just click here on June 2nd at 8 pm

and you will find a live link.

6 thoughts on “Seasons Knitting Club – Summer

  1. Hi Carol and Team

    I have a long list of garments yet to knit – 5 of which are Carol’s! :)
    It would help me a great deal in deciding whether to join the club if I knew what the garments were for the summer knit club – eg. are the 2 pattern choices – shawl / socks/ cardigan / sweater / summer top…you get the drift.

    Keep in mind – It’s winter here in Australia – but always good to plan ahead

    thanks in advance,

  2. Hello Carol, can you say if one of the patterns for the summer club is a garment? The yarns look beautiful, and I know your patterns will be but I just want to make sure there is a garment option. Thank you.

  3. It isn’t a garment. The season club is only accessories, not garments as there are no sizing options and there is usually less yarn than for a garment.

  4. Hi Christine,
    It will be a choice of 2 accessories. The seasons club is accessories only, not garments as there are no sizing options just colour choices.

  5. Hello Carol,
    Is it possible to tell us what the cost of the club will be? Thank you so much.

  6. It is €111.95 for a single installment and 5% discount for a subscription. Plus shipping for orders under 120euro internationally.

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