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Summer Seasons Knitting Club is Here!

Summer is all about light fibres and airy fabrics. That makes it both pleasant to knit and easy to wear. If you’re travelling during summer, you want to make sure you can relax and still enjoy your knitting. For this reason, both summer season patterns are easy to memorise and read your knitting as you work.

Ito Yarns

The yarns for this club hold two Ito Yarns together; Kinu and Asa.

Kinu is a 100% silk yarn that is slubby rather than smooth silk. It’s got a pleasant, dry touch that’s lovely to knit with.

The second yarn is Asa, a super fine blend of 72% Linen, 18% Cotton, and 10% Silk. It’s a finer yarn and has a bit more shine to it.

Together the two nicely complement each other, adding richness to the colour combinations. I found it useful to wind both together into a single cake before I worked to make them as easy as possible to work.

Hakone Scarf

Hakone is a delicate lace summer scarf with the option of ruffled edges. This scarf is easy to memorise and take with you on your summer travels. It’s knit from end to end and begins with a lot of stitches in garter that decrease down rapidly to form the edge ruffle.

The pattern repeat is very intuitive; within one or two repeats, I found myself being able to follow my knitting, not needing to refer to the chart anymore. This makes it an excellent travel project as I could easily pick it up and put it down as needed.

This sample was knit using the subtle summer season colours.

Prunus Square

The Prunus square is a spiral lace square knit from the centre out. It starts with a circular cast on and then increases every round to create a delicate spiral pattern. The lace repeat between the increases is also very easy to memorise, so you can comfortably keep knitting away as you chat without worrying that you’re making mistakes!

The only part that requires attention was the set-up. It takes a little bit to complete the set-up, but once the stitches can fit on a circular needle, it’s smooth sailing.

The sample has added a button on one corner (above) and is worn doubled as a neckerchief. It would also make a great headscarf! The multiple yarnovers mean that you can pick exactly where you want to fasten the button.

Just in case you want other ideas on how to use the square, it makes an excellent tablecloth for a small table! If you’ve got a little bistro table that needs some love, it would be a lovely addition.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer Seasons packages. If you didn’t join this season, the individual patterns will also be available in a few months as single patterns.

If you want to learn a bit more about the Seasons Club, you can jump in here. The next season will open at the beginning of September. Want to be the first to know? Add yourself to our notification list here.

4 thoughts on “Summer Seasons Knitting Club is Here!

  1. I’m trying to find the blog that talks about converting pullover sweater into a cardigan. Could you direct me please? I don’t use social media and am having trouble finding all of Carol’s pearls! Thank you

  2. Hi Cheryl, the club is open at the start of the season and then when the season is over the patterns are available for individual purchase.

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