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Autumn Seasons Club

In Ireland, the landscape is already starting to change. The leaves have the faintest hint of brown, and the roadsides are peppered with wild blackberries. In fact, everywhere you turn, there are berries! We sent Laura out with a camera to capture the season for all of you, and I think you can almost smell fall in the air with this image:

Blackberries by Larua Perrem

This seemed like a wonderful starting place for our Autumn Seasons Club. This year’s Seasons Club is all about the wild flora of Ireland. How it changes from season to season and takes us on a visual journey through the year. Knitting is a tactile journey, and this club is all about awakening your senses to the upcoming season.

Last year we began our Seasons Club, and this autumn, we are now rolling into our second year. If you are already subscribed, then you’ll be enrolled in the autumn seasons automatically (you’ll have received an email with this season’s colour options).

The club has been so much fun, and full of surprises and learning, and we are excited to introduce you to this season’s offerings. Each instalment is released 3 months apart with the option to skip a season if you need a change of pace. If you’d like to try out a particular season, you can also try a single season by itself.

Throughout this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favourite quotes from our Seasons Club. Part of the fun for all of us here at the studio is reading all your comments and posts. It brings smiles to our faces when we learn how you’re enjoyed your packages, felt challenged by the patterns (in a good way!) and see all of the beautifully finished objects pop up in our feeds.

What is the Seasons Club?

Last year we started a rolling Seasons Club that celebrated the joy of every new knitting season. New yarns, techniques, colours and gifts. Each was unique for the new season. This club is for you if you love trying new yarns and learning new things. This knitting club is great for adventurous beginners and those with a love of interesting techniques and knitted accessories.

If you want to learn more about how it all works, you can find details on our Seasons page here. And for details on this year’s club, just jump into the video below:

What’s in the Club?

Every club instalment will have a mix of yarn, patterns, videos and, of course, surprises!

You will find:

  • Yarn
  • Pattern(s) – there will be 2 in Autumn
  • Video Workshops
  • Exclusive KnitHub forum
  • Zoom Launch Party
  • Seasonal Tea
  • Local Crafty surprises

One of the most prominent types of feedback we get from all of you is how much you love the included seasonal teas and recipes. This year we have some exciting new collaborations to share with you and some new tea blends. These are carefully chosen and paired with the season’s theme, and this year, the patterns and club surprises will awaken all of your senses to the seasonal changes here in Ireland.


The Autumn Season will be open for sign-ups from 8 pm on the 1st of September until the 14th of September (or while stocks last).

The packages will be shipped out from October 10th – 12th, and the pattern will be sent to you via email on the 21st of October. You will also have access to your digital content on the 21st of October. There will be updates in both our Knithub and our Facebook group when all of this happens, and we will, of course, be sharing on our social channels.

This Season’s Yarn Options From Nua Worsted

This season’s yarn is Nua Worsted, a soft, rustic blend of Merino, Yak and Linen. Each club instalment will come with enough yarn for both of the patterns. Yes, you read that right, not one but two accessory patterns.

One of the patterns is designed by Carol Feller, and the other by Eimear Earley. Both will involve colourwork, but there will be a full colourwork tutorial in the class workshop. More on that later, but for now, here are some yummy yarn images from this season:

Seasonal Colours
Seasonal Colours
Subtle Colours
Subtle Colours
Bright Colours
Bright Colours

As you can see from the yarn palettes above, we have put together options that will make your colourwork ooze autumnal vibes. Choosing colours for colourwork knitting is stressful for some, so by grouping the palettes above, you can be confident that the colour choices will stand out for the accompanying patterns, and all you have to do is choose your favourite palette and play with the gorgeous colours and textures when they arrive.

Workshops and Support

One of the reasons so many knitters choose to join our clubs is not only for the yarn and locally crafted extras but for the patterns and detailed support. Each pattern comes with its own workshop series that will take you through each section of the pattern so you can sit back in your favourite crafting space and know that everything you need to knit your project is at your fingertips.

These workshops are recorded in English and have accompanying subtitles and an interactive comments section.

Along with this, we also have our dedicated private Seasons Club space on Knithub. This is where you can ask for support, chat with other members and check in on updates and members’ progress. You’ll also be able to take part in our Launch party from here, and don’t worry, a replay will be available to all subscribers if the timing doesn’t suit.

So from experienced knitter to a beginner ready for adventure, we know you’ll have everything you need to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience with our clubs.

How Do I Join?

Are you ready for a seasonal knitting journey?

An adventure inspired by browning hedgerows, warm autumnal rain and all the colourful forests of fall. A tactile delight of luxury yarn, interesting techniques, and warm autumnal treats and teas, all from the comfort of your favourite chair.


At 8 pm on the 1st of September, you can sign up for the Autumn Seasons Club (button will not be live until then):”

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  1. Hi. It all sounds great. Do you have Wexford strawberry season in the summer? Anyhow, I like the cowl pictured by Carol. Is there a pattern for this?

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