A Look at the Irresistible Gilliatt Yarn by De Rerum Natura

Do you have a craving for lusciously soft yarn?

One with strength and depth?

Oh, good. So did I!

One of the unexpected joys of creating the Seasons Club for me has been discovering and experimenting with new to me yarns. Last Winter, I sampled a yarn called Gilliatt from De Rerum Natura. It was a very different yarn, even though it is made from merino. First, it’s spun in France using organic fibres, which is pretty unusual, but In addition, it is spun in a way I’ve never come across before!

Gilliatt Yarn by De Rerum Natura in Sauge, Goeland and Pavot colourways.

Generally, yarn is spun using either the woollen or worsted spun method. Woollen spun is more traditional, not as smooth but traps air for a lighter fabric.

Worsted spun is smooth but dense.

Gillatt is spun using a blend of both, so it’s smoother than a standard woollen spun, BUT has some of the trapped air and lightness for woollen spun. So as you can imagine, I’m just in love with it!

And the joy keeps coming with this yarn.

Due to its construction, this yarn can actually be knit more loosely than you would expect. It blooms and fills out the stitches because of the trapped air. This makes it a superb choice for garments with cables. It can be knit more tightly at a heavy DK/worsted weight or can slide into an aran weight with larger needles.

If you need some pattern inspiration for this yarn, keep on reading.

Caelius Sweater

 My new Gilliatt Caelius
My new Gilliatt Caelius Sweater currently on my needles.

Do you have a comfort garment or hand-knit?

The Caelius sweater has become mine. I originally designed it for the (now) discontinued Dovestone DK. A few years ago, we had a new sample knit up in Nua Worsted, and I now live in the original sample every Winter. I’ve been eying up the Gillatt yarn as I just loved knitting with it last year, and I eventually caved and grabbed a bundle of the yarn to come with me for my holiday knit!

I’m knitting the main body in the Goeland colourway, and I’m going to have some subtle stripes with Sauge. So far, it’s been a dream to knit with, and it’s so soft that the cowl will be really comfortable next to the skin.

If you would like this for your next project, you can find Gilliatt yarn here and the Caelius knitting pattern here.

Caonach Shawl

Caonach with full texture pattern throughout the shawl.

Are you looking for a shawl that feels magical?

The Coanach shawl unintentionally gave us Outlander vibes while out on the photo shoot. Since then, there is something magical every time I wear this shawl.

The first time I knit with the Gilliatt yarn was for the Winter Seasons Club for the Caonach shawl last year. Normally when I design, I’ll do the first sample, and another knitter will do the next one. I enjoyed this yarn so much that I knit both the full textured shawl and the partially textured.

This shawl pattern comes with two options. A fully textured shawl pattern or a partial textured panel. The red, partially textured shawl has got a large block of stockinette stitch. Originally, this was not smooth while knitting, but the yarn blocks like a dream! After blocking, it’s smooth and even, with a drape to die for.

Caonach with partial texture panel through the shawl.

For those of you wondering, you can find the Caonach pattern over here and the Gilliat Yarn Kit here. You can also choose to add the step-by-step video workshop with this pattern if you’d like some extra support as you knit.

Other Knitting Pattern Ideas


I love Gillatt for garments.

Its light structure really helps to keep the weight light and bouncy. The first garment idea that comes to me would be Camira. This was originally knit in a bouncy worsted weight merino, which Gilliatt would be an excellent match for. This was a fun construction that began with the centre back panel. From here, the sleeves grow out on either side, so you have a little bolero when the first part is finished!

Once that’s done, you pick up stitches for the body and work it from the top down in one piece. You’ll notice how that upper textured stitch panel continues down with the body.


How lovely would Glenbarrow be in Gilliatt?

It’s a top-down raglan with a mix of texture and stockinette. I would adore seeing this in the bouncy Gilliatt merino!

If you’d like some more ideas for patterns that would work for Gilliatt, you can look at our DK weight patterns or Worsted weight patterns. Keep an eye on the gauge listed! As very light DK will be too light, but most of the heavier DK patterns would work well. If you’re unsure, you can always use our chatbot on our website or ask us a question on our social media channels.

Where To Buy Gilliatt and the Knitting Patterns Listed Here

Find Gilliatt yarn here.

Caonach yarn kit with options for pattern and workshops are here.

Caelius pattern can be found here.

Knitting Inspiration Quick Links:

Worsted weight yarn here.

DK weight yarn here.

I hope you enjoyed my look at Gilliatt yarn. It’s rare that a yarn has such wonderful surprises in its construction and its thick, luscious texture in the final knitting projects. Has the yarn intrigued you too? Let me know what you would choose to knit with it in the comments below.

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