Introducing the Comfort Cable Knit Mizen Scarf

Today is a very exciting day here at Stolen Stitches. We get to introduce you to Laura’s second pattern with us. We didn’t think it was possible to get even more drool-worthy over cables, but then Laura went away and found a dreamy yarn combination and the result is the gorgeous Mizen Scarf below:

The Mizen Cabled Scarf by Laura Perrem.

Knitting Pattern Inspiration

The Mizen scarf is soft, sturdy, and a little wild. 

Named for the most southerly point of mainland Ireland, Mizen is the spot at which you can look out to sea, across the Atlantic to the Fastnet Lighthouse. Often misty, windy, and rainy all at once. It’s magical and captivating and the inspiration behind this pattern.

Laura searched for a long time to find the right yarns to get just the right level of soft halo and warmth. It took a while for her to find the perfect combination, finally settling on the dream team of Blasta Light and Manos Cabrito. The Mizen scarf is worked with a strand each of Blasta Light and Cabrito held together all the way through. Together these yarns are about a sport-DK weight but worked on 5mm needles. They give this pattern a light and bouncy feel that’s a dream to block. What you’re left with is a timeless scarf with a beautiful drape that’s warm and comfortable to wear around your neck.

Cable Scarf Construction

A playful garter cuff gives way to repeating sections of cable stitches in stylish blocks. The garter cuff lets you get into the rhythm of working the Cabrito and Blasta Light together. Allowing you to feel the lofty softness of the paired yarns as you work your stitches.

The main body of the scarf features repeating sections of textured Blackberry stitches and cable blocks. The lovable Blackberry stitch adds depth and visual interest and a bit of fun between the cables and garter stitch. This allows the delicate colour of the Blasta Light to shine, while the halo dances delicately above the rise and fall of the undulating stitches. This stitch is one of Laura’s personal favourites with this yarn combination. Which might hint at future designs to come 😉!

The cables featured in the scarf are a mix of 1×1 and 3×3 cables worked right into the selvedge so you get a beautiful clean line all around your scarf. Don’t worry, we have all the free tutorials you need to make the Mizen Scarf right here should you need some knitting support.

Are you ready to wrap yourself in the Mizen Scarf?

We think you’ll agree that the Mizen Scarf is a great introduction to those wanting to try their hand at textured stitches and/or knitted cables.

We wouldn’t leave you without dropping some handy pattern links and info about the wonderful Laura herself. You might say we might be a little biased though. We just couldn’t imagine life at Stolen Stitches without her!

Find your Mizen Scarf and Yarn Kits below:



Yarn Kits:


Designer Portrait Laura Perrem. Picture: Clare Keogh

Cork-based knitwear designer, Laura Perrem, focuses on stylish patterns in dreamy yarns. Based in the Southwest of Ireland, the sea and the woods, the romance of landscape, and traditional stitch patterns inspired her work.
Laura has worked in the design of all sorts, including costumes for theatre, interiors, and landscapes. A fine art graduate and lover of wool, she combines her passions to create timeless knitwear patterns.
When not knitting, Laura is cooking, making things with paper, living with cats, drinking coffee, and working with Stolen Stitches. You can find her on Instagram and Ravelry or join her newsletter here.

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