Celtic Knits Club 2023

Do you sometimes wish you could bottle a feeling? It would make it so much easier to share!

With our Celtic Knits Club 2023, we’re translating our love of the Irish landscape into our knits; in the colours of the yarn and the flow of the stitches. Each club instalment brings this love to subscribers – from the gentle earthy tones with surprising bolts of colour to the delicate intertwining of rivers, branches, clouds, and sea.  

About Celtic Knits Club

Our Celtic Knits Club is perfect for any knitter that loves cables and celtic knits. We have taken care of sourcing specialist yarns and treats along with preparing exclusive designs with all the step-by-step workshops you need to complete your projects. All you have to do is sit back, relax and celebrate knitted cables with us and if you’d like to chat, we have a dedicated forum just for you! 

If you’re new to Celtic Knits Club, you might like to hear about it from current members:

Abhainn agus Talamh

River and the Land

Come travel with us in 2023 and explore the colour, shape, and atmosphere of the Irish landscape through knitted cables.

This club is open for a limited time from 8pm Nov 14th until Dec 16th 2022, or as long as stocks last. This round of Celtic Knits Club 2023 ships in three instalments from March to July, every two months.

Do you like surprises?

The big surprise this year is the brand new yarn that we have designed with Donegal Yarns, exclusive to the club. This yarn is a mix of merino, for super softness, with a small touch (14%) of mohair for halo and durability. The yarn is an aran weight, making it beautiful for working cables with. It’s definitely a next to the skin soft yarn but with a rustic feel from the woollen spun milling process.

This year, there will be two colour options for the club, each inspired by nature. The first instalment will have two patterns (in the same colour yarn), the second instalment will have a single, larger pattern, and the third installment will have enough yarn for either a wrap or a garment. We’ve shown the final instalment colour options in the images below with several skeins so that it’s easier to for you to make your colour decision.


Every club instalment will have a mix of yarn, patterns, videos, and, of course, surprises!

You will find:

  • Yarn: A brand new aran weight yarn, Deas, which has been developed for this year’s club. It’s a super soft and luxurious blend of merino with a touch of mohair, milled in Donegal, Ireland exclusively for this year’s club.
  • Patterns: There will be a total of 5 patterns this year from Irish designers: Carol Feller, Eimear Earley, and Laura Perrem.
  • Video Workshops: Recorded in English with captions and interactive comments section.
  • Chat: Exclusive Knithub forum for chat, fun, and dedicated help through the club.
  • Party: Zoom Launch Party with Carol for each instalment.
  • Surprises: We have chosen handmade items from some of our favourite Irish craftspeople to send to you, with love.


The club will be open for sign-ups from 8 pm on the 14th of November until the 16th of December (or while stocks last).

Pattern and video updates will be sent to you via email in the middle of the club package month.

First club package will be shipped in March.

Second club package will be shipped in May.

Third club package will be shipped in July.

After each delivery, you will get a download update with a new pattern and full video workshop to complement the pattern.

As always, the patterns will remain a surprise until each package is delivered. 


There are a few different options for the club this year.

Customise your club and choose your favourite colour palette.

Pick your club size, these are the club options:

  • Wrap option
  • Sweater options in sizes 1, 2 or 3
  • Digital option which gives you access to patterns and workshops only

This year there is the option to either pay in three instalments (spaced a month apart) or prepay in total on purchase, with three deliveries. Prices will range from €67 to €90 for each of the three instalments. Prices are dependent on your chosen final project size. Price for shipping is added to each instalment payment. Single purchase has no additional shipping costs.

Cost of the Digital Only club is €45.

This year, if you want to purchase the club as a gift you should choose the gift option and add the recipient’s email in the notes.

At 8pm (Irish time) Monday 14th of November click here to join:

(Link will not be live before that time)

14 thoughts on “Celtic Knits Club 2023

  1. if i do the digital, i assume i buy the yarns separately for each project? are the same yarn options available?

  2. The digital has no physical deliveries. I can’t guarantee that there well be the very same yarn available as it’s exclusive to the club until it’s over. However yarn can be ordered if we have extra. Our Studio Donegal ‘Soft Donegal’ would be a good match for the yarn as well if you wanted another option.

  3. I only see Option 1 available for signup. Does that mean you’re all full up with Option 2?

  4. Hi Beth, all options should be available and are showing on the page for me? Maybe try refreshing the page or scrolling down?

  5. No matter what size we choose the patterns will include instructions for all sizes? I’m asking because depending on the pattern I may decide on the way to knit one project for my daughter whose size is smaller anyway so there will be no danger of getting short of yarn.

  6. I am so excited! My yarn arrived today!! Looking forward to my third Celtic Knits Club..

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