The Brioche Sweater You Didn’t Know You Needed.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all looked at knitted brioche images online and thought:

“I want to squish it!”

So who would say no to a comfortable, squishy sweater that can be worn through a variety of seasons?

If you’re wondering, the sweater I’m talking about is the latest release from Stolen Stitches – the Iascaire Sweater.

The Iascaire Brioche Sweater by Carol Feller

And it’s not just me who is in love with this sweater. Our test knitters fell in love with the textured, bouncy fabric on their needles. So much so their projects barely had time to block before being tried on:

“I just love it – still needs a blocking, and some ends woven in – but I may just keep it on all day!”

Monica (Iascaire Test Knitting Group)

And just because I know you love close ups of knitted fabrics, here is a gorgeous shot from T. Hermansen. You can see the finished garment at the end of this post:

Iascaire Sweater knitted with Blasta Light Nadur and Manos Del Uruguay Cabrito Tiza.

Now, if you’re thinking, “What’s so special about another brioche sweater?”

Oh, my answer is this – the decreases.

In true Carol style, this brioche sweater pattern has simple techniques used to create stunning effects on the sleeve and at the neckline. You can see them captured beautifully by R. Duffy here:

The Iascaire Sweater by R. Duffy in Blasta Light Nadur and Manos Del Uruguay Cabrito Primrose.

The Iascaire Sweater Pattern in Blasta Light and Manos Cabrito

Okay, so now that we are all excited, let’s take a look at the Iascaire pattern.

Iascaire (pronounced Ees-kara if you’re wondering) is the Irish word for fisherman… but don’t be fooled; this is no fishermans rib ;-) It is knit from the bottom up, double-stranded, and it is impossibly soft. This sweater is cropped and includes short rows and set-in sleeves, but don’t worry, it will have you relaxing into brioche in no time.

One of our biggest celebrations during test knitting was with Amy, who after a long time of struggling with brioche finally had fun and ended up with a sweater she adores!

One fun aspect of Iascaire is the ability to tailor it. Our test knitters tried a few modifications, and all turned out beautifully. Some added extra length to the sweater, some added extra short rows, but everyone felt like Liz does here when they finished:

Iascaire Yarn Kit Options

Blasta Light Oir and Sensai Mustard

This is a project that Laura had a lot of fun with. We tasked her with putting some yarn options together (because Carol couldn’t choose, she loved them all) and I think Laura has possibly outdone herself. You can see them all here.

Not content with Blasta and Cabrito, Laura added in the fabulous Ito Sensai (mohair/silk) for those who want a dramatic colour statement from their hand knits. Whether you choose the undulating shades of Cabrito or the vibrant Sensai yarns, you’ll have a warm, light deliciously soft sweater you’ll love.

But I don’t love halo yarns?

Ah yes, for you Laura and Carol have put together a few options too from our Nua yarn range. If this is more to your liking, just drop a message in our chatbox or contact us here and we will have your yarn to you ASAP.

Iascaire Sweater by T. Hermansen.

Iascaire Project Workshop and Quick Links

If you’ve been reading this post and wistfully thinking that one day you two could knit a brioche sweater but it’s a little out of your reach – fear not! Iascaire comes with a fully suite of step-by-step videos so you can have the confidence that this project won’t stay in your wip pile. So if you wanted to knit this with Carol as your back up knitting buddy, choose the project workshop option.

Iascaire knitting pattern

Iascaire Knitting Pattern Ravelry

Iascaire Yarn Kit

Iascaire Project Workshop

It’s time for me to go but if you would like to learn more about the Iascaire sweater and catch up with Carol about all things brioche, then go make a cuppa and press play on this Stolen Stitches Vlog episode:

2 thoughts on “The Brioche Sweater You Didn’t Know You Needed.

  1. After a week of mulling it over, I relented and bought Iascaire in the Liath combo; my first choice was Farriage but I still need to finish Soft Trails. I love the details of the sleeve decreases and look forward to another brioche project. Plan to add 2” to the length. It’s a gorgeous design, Carol.

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