Galway Blanket Pattern Part 4: Mastering Bobbles, Netting, and Cable Combinations

Are you ready?

It’s time to reveal the final three pattern squares of our Galway Blanket Club. In this installment we have a pattern each from Carol Feller, Eimear Earley, and Laura Perrem.

In this installment, we have 3 very different cabled squares that lead us to the finish of our overall blanket pattern. So let’s dive straight in:


By now you have a pretty good idea for how you would like your blanket to come together.

The first square is the ‘Cable Combo’ from Carol. This is pretty much as its name describes, a combination of cables!

It’s not quite a textured panel, but the simple, vertical cables have a smooth, calm presence that acts in a similar way to a plainer, textured square.

The next panel is ‘Netting’ from Eimear Earley.

This is an interlocking diamond pattern that creates a rhythmic, net like effect with the cables.

The final square is ‘Hourglass with Bobbles’ from Laura Perrem.

The bobbles on this cable are a large, dramatic feature. Laura is a huge fan of bobbles! If you’re more of a subtle bobble person, they can easily be sized down to suit your own personal style.


As a Galway Club Member, you can find your tutorials right here. You can also find this link and more tips in your club newsletter!

In your account, you will now have access to all of part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 tutorials and tips. The tutorials for part four include:

  • Working your Cable Combo blanket square
  • Working your Netting Cables blanket square
  • Working your Hourglass and Bobble blanket square
  • Finishing your blanket
  • Laying out your squares
  • Working your blanket edging
  • Seaming your squares
  • Blocking your blanket squares

All of these videos have full captioning in English and an interactive comment section should you need further help. But if you’d like to chat about all things related to our Galway Blanket Club and with other members, then read on!

Got Questions? Join Our Live Q&A and Wrap-Up Session.

Join Carol Feller, Laura Perrem and Eimear Earley for our member’s only final zoom live.

This is your chance to ask any 3 of us questions that may be on your mind. We’ll talk about the final square designs and will have a final blanket reveal. We will chat through our thoughts on the blanket project and share some tips on making your blanket unique.

When: July 8, 2023 03:00 PM Dublin  (10 AM est)

You can also send us questions before the live and we will, of course, have a replay available in Knithub.

Tips for Blocking Your Blanket Squares

When you have finished knitting your blanket squares, you’ll need to block them all to the same size. This helps with both seaming and as a blanket pre-finishing mock up.

In the pattern, we have finished our squares as 10″ (25.5 cm) square. If your squares vary a little, just make sure that they are all the same size so that you can seam them together.

If your square sizes do vary (if they are larger) you may find that you use more yarn than suggested for the blanket.

A Final Thank You

I truly want to thank you for joining a club that allows us to work with the Galway Co-Op and local farmers to raise the standing of our only indigenous sheep breed.

It was a joy to work on and it’s always special to work with Laura and Eimear as spotlight designers for this project and I hope you enjoy knitting the blanket as much as we did.

Remember to take your time and enjoy the process.

Knit every pattern square or pick your favourites, the choice is yours!  

Thank you for being part of our Galway Club journey.


Our Galway Blanket Project is currently closed for new members, but if you would like to knit your own version of this blanket, sign up to our newsletter to find out when this pattern and workshop series are available to non club members.

Bonus, you can choose one of our knitting patterns for free!

Can’t wait to cast on a cable blanket? Our Curdach Blanket is ready to go and has an available yarn kit in our Blasta yarn (60% Fine Irish Wool, 40% New Zealand Wool; 232 yds / 212 m per 3.6 oz / 100 g); and to top it off, there is a full accompanying step-by-step project workshop too!



Laura Perrem
Laura Perrem – Irish Knitwear Designer and Club Manager

Laura Perrem is a knitwear designer working from the south coast of Ireland.
Laura originally studied Fine Art, and has been busy working in the visual arts ever since. Her designs are simple and bold, and she loves working with fluffy yarns of all kinds. When not knitting, you’ll find her working at Stolen Stitches, in the garden, or looking for a cat.

You can follow Laura on Instagram and Ravelry. so do pop over and say hi!

Eimear Earley

Eimear Earley – Irish Knitwear Designer

Eimear lives in Dublin, Ireland, with two small humans and a supportive spouse. Eimear originally learned to knit as a schoolchild, dabbling with leftovers of yarn and absolutely no concept of gauge or ease during her teenage years. After spending her student years playing with molten glass, she now gets her creative kicks from knitting and spinning wool – much more practical pursuits. Eimear loves to reinterpret old Irish things into modern knitwear, from ancient gold artefacts to less ancient cable knitting.

You can keep up to date with all of Eimear’s designs and publications here.

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