Blanket Pattern Part 2: Double Moss, Twisted Tree and Double Knitted Lattice

We hope you’ve been enjoying part 1 of the Galway Blanket Project as much as we have and if you are just joining us, don’t worry, there is plenty of time to work your blanket squares. In part two, we are taking our cables up a notch with a trellis and looped cables, so let’s take a look at what’s coming up in part 2:

Blanket Part Two Overview

For part two of the blanket, we are exploring a textured square and two cable squares. Our featured designers for this part of the blanket are Carol Feller and Laura Perrem. If you are just getting started with the Galway Blanket Project, do pop over to our post for part 1 here.

During this part of the blanket project, you are going to look at three more square patterns:

Double Moss by Carol Feller
Twisted Tree of Life by Laura Perrem
Double Knotted Lattice by Carol Feller

Here, the textured square is a nice relaxing way of working and enjoying your yarn before you dive into the more challenging cables. Take note of how these squares work up. Feel the difference between the textured and cable squares.

When you place these next to your squares from part 1, you’re going to understand how you would like your blanket to feel and what squares you would like more of if you are making the larger throw. This installment is all about enjoying the cable process and falling in love with your knitted fabrics.

Tips for Tracking Cable Rows and Stitches

If you are new to cable knitting, sometimes reading your knitting is tricky. Some knitters get a little lost after the cable cross rows and if you are putting your work down for a while, you can often lose your place if you don’t mark your chart. So here are Carol’s top tips for tracking your cable rows and stitches so you can pick up your knitting, read it and work on.

Tutorial Workshop List and How to Find Them

As a Galway Club Member, you can find your tutorials right here. You can also find this link and more tips in your club newsletter! Here you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on all of the patterns from part 1 and part 2 as well as tips for cast on and binding off each square.

Got Questions? Join Our Virtual Knitting Community.

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Don’t forget we have a dedicated chat and support thread in our community Knithub. This is a closed space just for Galway Club members, so post away! Eimear, Laura, and Carol will also be present in our community hub to answer your questions so you can be sure that you are chatting with the project designers themselves!

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Meet Our Feature Designer

Laura Perrem

Laura Perrem
Laura Perrem – Irish Knitwear Designer and Club Manager

Laura Perrem is a knitwear designer working from the south coast of Ireland.
Laura originally studied Fine Art, and has been busy working in the visual arts ever since. Her designs are simple and bold, and she loves working with fluffy yarns of all kinds. When not knitting, you’ll find her working at Stolen Stitches, in the garden, or looking for a cat.

You can follow Laura on Instagram and Ravelry. so do pop over and say hi!

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