Yew Mor Knit-together: Circular Yoke Construction.

Circular yokes are so much fun to design and knit. There are almost endless possibilities for arranging the shaping stitches and rounds.

In week 2 of our holiday knit-together, we are taking a look at the circular yoke and colourwork of our Yew Mor sweater.

Colourwork and Yarn Weight

It’s time for the fun part of the Yew Mor yoke, the colourwork!

The Yew Mor sweater is knit using an aran weight yarn, which creates some challenges with colourwork. Each stitch takes up a lot more ‘space’ so you have to take extra care with your tensioning.

Tied with this is whether to carry floats or not. If you are spanning a large number of stitches, you may opt to carry the float half way through the span. This is done to prevent snagging of the float when the knit is being worn.

But is it necessary?

Join us over on YouTube to find out.

How to work stranded colourwork.

Next in this week’s live we’re looking at different ways of working stranded colourwork.

Do you use two hands or one?

There are many different ways of holding the 2 colours; some drop and lift the different colours, others use colourwork rings but the most common and successful methods I’ve found is 2-handed colourwork. I’ll be discussing this and more with Mags this week. So if you have any questions just drop them in the comments below!

Increases and colour dominance in colourwork

The final topic we look at this week is increases in our colourwork.

When you’ve got two yarn strands behind, which colour do you pick for your increase? Does it make a difference?

The first thing you need to think about when knitting a colourwork design is the colours. But did you know that ‘tone’ is far more important than the actual colours used!

Join us as we discuss the importance of colour dominance with colourwork.

Is this the first you’re hearing of our Knit-together?

Join Mags and myself over on YouTube on Wednesdays at 2.30pm Irish time from the 6th to the 20th of December.

We will be focused on the Yew Mor sweater, but you’re invited to talk about any knits you have on your needles. Come with your questions for knitting companionship plus a few little spot prizes along the way! You can also catch up on last week’s blog post right here.

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