Yew Mor Knit-Together: Sizing Your Colourwork Sweater.

Have you heard about our Knit-together?


Well, let me tell you all about it.

This time of year, our knitting can become a bit frantic. Whether it’s a rush to finish Christmas gifts or to get that new sweater off the needles, it can become a bit chaotic. So this winter we’re here with you for your countdown to the holidays.

Why not take some time for you this December and join us on YouTube as we knit our holiday sweater LIVE!

In November we released our Yew Mor sweater which is a fantastic knit for before or during the holiday season. Pick your colour right and you can even have yourself a Christmas sweater!

How Our Knit-together Works:

Join Mags and myself over on YouTube on Wednesdays at 2.30pm Irish time from the 6th to the 20th of December.

We will be focused on the Yew Mor sweater, but you’re invited to talk about any knits you have on your needles. Come with your questions for knitting companionship plus a few little spot prizes along the way!

You can find us live right here:

Knit-Together Week 1 – Sizing your Sweater & Getting Started

How to choose your sweater size.

This week it is all about getting started with your sweater. We take a look at how you pick your sweater size, including measuring yourself. If you’ve ever needed to make sweater modifications but were unsure where to start, this is the chat to watch!

I’ll be referencing my guides on knowing your shape and my 3 step guide for adjusting a pattern for your body shape. If you want to learn more about knits that fit, you can also check out my Masterclass right here.

De-mystifying circular yoke construction.

This week we are going to look at circular yoke construction in particular. This style of sweater can present some sizing challenges, as what you are creating is a ‘funnel’ to fit your body. For each part to sit correctly, you’ll need to ensure that it is wide enough. Otherwise, you’ll discover that the neck sits up and away from the body.

The next important technique to examine in the yoke, are the increase types used. Why were they used and are there alternatives? In this project, we look at how you can use short row shaping combined with increases to improve the fit.

Ready, set, knit!

To get started on our Yew Mor sweater, the first thing you will be doing is casting on. I have not given a specific cast on in the pattern. This is because the cast-on will be hidden.

Yes, hidden!

The neck edging will picked up and worked from here so once it’s not a tight cast-on, any cast-on can be used.

We’ll talk all about what cast-ons work well and possible ones to avoid so you can be confident with your sweater choices.

Don’t forget to join us for week 2 as we take on stranded colourwork, hidden increases, modifications and the Yew Mor iconic colourwork yoke. If you don’t want to miss our Studio Lives and giveaways, make sure to subscribe over on YouTube and you’ll get a handy notification when we go live!

Any questions you’d like us to cover in the Live, just drop them below.

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