Yew Mor Knit-together: Dividing the Sleeves and Body Shaping

It’s time for week 3 of the knit-together for our Yew More sweater!

We’re really making progress now. Last week, we’ve divided the sleeves of our sweater from the yoke and this week we are getting started with the body.

This is exciting because this is where you can make some sweater magic in the form of modifications.

Now it the time to make decisions on how you want the body of your sweater to be shaped. So come and join us live this Wednesday, December 20th over on YouTube as we chat through the below options. Replays will be available!

Yew Mor Sweater Modifications

The Yew Mor pattern is written with a gentle a-line shape, slowly increasing down each side seam. However, if you want your sweater body shaped differently, it’s easy to do.

Possible shaping options would be:

  1. Working it straight, with no increases at all.
  2. Add waist shaping that decreases towards the waist and increases below.

The best thing about knitting is that you get to tailor your sweater to your body shape. You should end with a garment that looks great and makes you feel fantastic when you wear it. Come and join us this Wednesday as we chat through these options or grab the replay here.

Yew Mor Sweater Finishing

This week we are also chatting about our sweater sleeves. Here we will be chatting about gauge and talking through possible length and width adjustments you may want to make. Circular yokes sweaters can be tricky to make adjustments to the sleeves on, so tune in to see how we approach this in the studio.

Before we sign off for the year we will also be chatting through some of our favourite finishing techniques. Our favourite bind-off and with yarn tails will pop up during our chat. We might even sneak in a little look at blocking. And if you are looking for some finishing tutorials for your garment, you can find lots of free knitting tutorials right here!

Thank you for joining us in December for our Knit Together. If you are joining us in the replays, I hope you enjoy the process of working through the Yew Mor (or another) knit.

Whenever you join us, we hope it helps you to relax into some knitting time just for you!


Join Mags and myself over on YouTube on Wednesdays at 2.30pm Irish time from the 6th to the 20th of December.

We will be focused on the Yew Mor sweater, but you’re invited to talk about any knits you have on your needles. Come with your questions for knitting companionship plus a few little spot prizes along the way! You can also catch up on previous blog posts on how to choose your sweater size right here and circular yoke construction here.

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