Felix and Deas – the Perfect Fast, Squishy Knit.

Have you ever held a yarn and known what you wanted it to be?

You can see it in your mind.

You start to swatch and your face lights up because it’s exactly as you hoped it would be. Before you know it, you’ve cast on, binged a lot of Netflix and you’re suddenly binding-off your new favourite cardigan.

This happened to Laura the second she held our Deas yarn in her hands. The Loam colourway called to her from the shelf and pretty soon she was searching for the perfect pattern to show off the subtle flecks of Loam that complimented her style.

She found it in the Felix Cardigan by Amy Christophers (Savory Knitting, Ravelry Link) and it wasn’t long before everyone in the studio AND our digital staff wanted one too!

So we asked Laura to write a few words on her experience with the Felix cardigan and we contacted Amy to see if we could bring the joy of the Felix and Deas combination to all of you … and well, I’ll leave it up to Laura to take it from here:

Carol Feller weaing the Felix Cardigan in Deas yarn in shade Loam paired with blue jeans while on a beach in Ireland.

When I first saw Deas in the shade of Loam I wanted to knit with it.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m a fan of neutral colours. Give me black, grey, or cream and I’ll be happy. Loam is an incredible combination of all of these; warm oat and greys with dark neps remind me of rough stone or cobbles and I love it. I’m especially fond of Deas because of the mix of merino and mohair. I love that halo. Just have a look at it:

Around October 2023, I wanted to make a simple cardigan, but not too simple. And that’s where the Felix comes in. While it’s a straightforward pattern, the combination of short rows and pretty yarn-overs makes it fun to knit!

Add to this the fact that it calls for 6mm needles … it flew off my needles! Pretty soon, we were planning for Carol and Joe to take photos so we could show you all.

Carol Feller wearing the Felix cardigan by Amy Christophers in Deas yarn shade loam. Photo taken on the Irish coastline.

As I’m new to lots of techniques–including short rows-I found myself needing a little help from time to time. You might too, and Carol has amazing tutorials on short rows here and yarn-overs here.

As I worked on the Felix, I said to Carol “I think this would be perfect for our knitting community too!”. I thought it would be so great to make kits for the Felix so you too could enjoy this fast, squishy knit.

Et Voila!

Deas Yarn Bundle in Loam

You can nab one of these Felix kits in Deas or Soft Donegal (great for anyone with a mohair intolerance), with the lovely mottled button add-on, and this great list of tutorials you’ll need right here.

Please note – Our kit is for yarn only and the pattern is direct from the designer here.

Please note the above link goes live at 8pm on January 9th 2024.

It’s a new year, new kit, new knit.

Happy Knitting,

Laura xx

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