I-Cord Bind Off / Applied I-Cord

Watch this video to see an I-Cord Bind Off being worked.  I also talk about how this same technique can be used to create an applied I-Cord edging along the edge of your work.

2 thoughts on “I-Cord Bind Off / Applied I-Cord

  1. Excellent!! This is just what I need to finish the sweater that I’m making. The pattern explains it but as you know a “picture is a thousand words.” I especially appreciate that you explained about the buttonholes as this is exactly what I will be doing. The neck and bottom of this little sweater is garter stitch so thanks to your instructions and the suggestion you made I am also going to do I-cord around the neck and along the bottom. In this way the I-cord with finish off all of the edges except I won’t put it on the sleeves.
    Thanks again for great instructions.

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