My thoughts on lace knitting

I’ve discovered in the last few months that I really enjoy lace knitting. It is such a simple technique that when you block it and open it out produces such surprising and beautiful results. However I’m not always very fond of the patterns for lace patterns that are out there. The majority seem to be for shawls or scarfs and while they are challenging and enjoyable to knit they are totally useless to me as I really am not overly fond of shawls and one scarf is enough for me!!

I think that I’ve come to conclusion that I prefer the effect you get from smaller panels of lace stitches incorporated into a plainer piece. You end up with a more wearable piece that still has a bit of mental challenge as a knitter. As a knitter I would rather knit something that gets loved a worn rather than something that just sits on a shelf and looks pretty.

One thought on “My thoughts on lace knitting

  1. YES!!! My sentiments exactly. While I am actively in love with several lace projects, the chances of my knitting them are slim since I would never wear or use them. Still, I file them away in my dream knitting since I’d like to have a go someday.

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