Socks finished – Wisp started

DH socks

I am very happy to say that the eternal socks are finished. The yarn may have been sitting here half knitted for 12 months but they are happy now on their intended feet.

I have started work on my first project in Silken Kydd from It is very, very soft – feels a bit like knitting air! I’ve started work on Wisp from Knitty which should make a great birthday present for my mother. I am not normally prone to dropping stitches but for whatever reason knitting with this lightweight yarn I keep find a floating stitch that got lost somewhere rows back from some of the K2tog. I am finding it getting easier as I’m getting used to the yarn and the lacework is starting to look a little less wobbly!!


I also have a ball of Rowan Kidsilk hiding around in the office somewhere that I may attempt an Ice Queen with now that I’m getting the hang of knitting with floaty hairs!!

2 thoughts on “Socks finished – Wisp started

  1. Are the Eternal Socks in Rowan Tapestry? They look very like a pair of MS Potter Mittens I just finished…

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