Lots of designing

My designing has been going well for the last few weeks.  It still amazes me how much pleasure I get from designing knitwear.  I really does bring together both the creative and mathematical side of my brain.  And best of all it is something I can actually do in short bursts with children running around (ok, so this doesn’t always work but sometimes!).  I keep knitting and/or paper on the high counter in the kitchen away from little fingers and whenever they are happily occupied I get to work on a few rows.  Having it up high means that if I’m needed I can just put it down where it is and know that it’s safe.  As a added bonus as most of my knitting ends up being done standing up I get to exercise my stomach muscles if I remember to stand straight.  Now if only it didn’t mean that I ended up with an aching lower back I’d really be sorted!

I’ve been so worried about messing up my knitting sample for the book that I am only knitting it at home where I can concentrate when I’m working on it.  With the result that I have actually ended up with a different project on the go for my knitting group.  I have changed the main cable pattern for the Robin Hood Jacket from the Zoe Mellor book and adjusted the sizes slightly but I have finished the back and half one front.  I really love this cable pattern.  – once all this summer knitting is done looking forward to getting back into a little cable work with some cozy yarns.

robin hood

Yes – those are my lovely harmony needles.  Truly magical for slippy yarns (not quite so critical for this project, but still nice!)

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  1. Can’t follow her pattern…what do I do on Row 6? I know every WS after Row 3 is knit all knit and purl all purl, but it isn’t clear after that….I must be a novice!!!

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