Painful frogging

I have just started knitting a top in the round from the bottom.  It is at a small gauge with a lovely yarn and I was really excited to be starting it.  I had knit around 10 rounds when I realised that I was in such a rush to get started that instead of a circle I’ve knitted a moebius.  Very beautiful but not much use if the knitted piece want to be used as a top.

So the frogging begins  …..  I swear I will never forget to untwist my stitches when I start again!!

One thought on “Painful frogging

  1. Yup! I made that mistake once and I really learned the hard way. My whole extended family were traumatised (as it happened at a big family occasion). Still, like you, I’ll really never make that mistake again – so perhaps it was a lesson well learned. Good luck!

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