Summer Affair from the Wedding

I’ve been very lax in my blogging over the last few weeks. Our summer holiday is drawing to an end here, and while I like the laziness of not rushing every morning with the boys we all seem to be going a little nuts from too much time in the house! They will all be in school again on Monday, and my smallest will be starting every morning in pre-school. This now means that I will have several hours every morning to focus on design work…I’m trying not to let myself get too excited!

I haven’t yet shared some photos of my sister wearing ‘Summer Affair‘ for her wedding. She looked really beautiful, and the shrug didn’t look too bad either!

2 thoughts on “Summer Affair from the Wedding

  1. oh my, i just love this shrug!! it’s so delicate and elegant… is there a pattern anywhere for this?

    thank you!!

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