Little Boys

I love knitting for my boys but rarely get a chance these days.  At Ravelry day this summer I got sock yarn in a wonderful bright Spring Green colorway from Baby Long Legs stand.

Now my 3 year old saw this yarn, and completely fell in love with it.  I haven’t knit anything for him all year because he won’t wear anything warm.  Even in the coldest of weather he takes jackets/cardigans/sweaters off as soon as is physically possible.  The sock yarn looked as though it might actually work for him.  I got a second skein from Sarah and knit him this sweater.

I think I’m going to call it Ziggy Zag.  I just love the colors in this yarn, however as I got the second hank a few weeks after the first and couldn’t see them together the colors were different.  The first ranged from yellow to a blue/green but there were no blue tones in the second.  I worked the two together every second row and ended up with some lovely color blends.

The sock yarn is knit on larger needles (3.75mm/US size 5) which give a very lightweight pullover.  But best of all as it is sock yarn I can put it in the washing machine!

I should have the pattern up for sale in a week or two.  Even though this is knit for my son I think that this is a very uni-sex pattern.  With a little pastels thrown in it would be perfect for little girls as well (although poor little boys are in need of some fun patterns out there, it all seems to be for girls!)

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