Cold weather and e-books

As with most of Ireland Cork is getting pretty nippy at the  moment.  I manage to forget every winter just how cold it can get!  I think I might be in need of an extra chunky wool sweater or two…

On a warmer note a few months ago we installed a stove to replace our fireplace which we rarely if ever use (partially due to my complete inability to light it sucessfully!) The stove is really wonderful, warm, easy and foolproof to light even for me!  What more could you ask for!

A few months ago I began the process of putting together my ebook ‘Wearable Lace‘.  It is now officially finished, all the 5individual pdfs are compiled into one 20 page booklet.  As well as the patterns I spend a few pages in the booklet talking about lace, how to work increases in lace and I’ve even got a photo tutorial on a provisional crochet cast-on.  Moving from single pattern pdfs to a complete book took more work than we had anticipated but I’m very happy with how it turned out.  So go take a look!

Looking back over my last few posts I realized that I never posted about the final pattern published in Wearable Lace’ Midnight Shrug.

Midnight Shrug

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I love this photo (location rather than me!).  It was taken at one of my favourite spots on a sunny day in September in James Fort in Kinsale.  There are in the process of restoring the old fort but most of the area is wild with big open fields and plenty of room for the boys to run.  We always have a great time when we go there.