Wholesale Patterns


I got my first 2 boxes of printed patterns yesterday, it’s very exciting!  Both of them are for my Fyberspates Patterns, Centrique and Trilo.  I love seeing the patterns printed up, they feel so substantial.

I’ve just sent out a big stack of packages to shops in Ireland and the UK full of patterns.  If you’ve orderd some you should have them very shortly.  If you are interested in ordering these two patterns for your shop just send me an email carol AT stolenstitches DOT com.

There should be a couple more Scrumptious patterns in the coming months that I’ll also get printed up so soon we’ll have a great collection of patterns out there.

4 thoughts on “Wholesale Patterns

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting my first delivery of your gorgeous patterns. I can’t wait for you to get more of your designs printed:-)

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