Adrift KAL

For anyone who has been planning on starting Adrift soon you may be interested in joining our KAL (knit along) at my Stolen Stitches group on Ravelry.  It is officially starting tomorrow on June 1st (with a few getting an early head start)!  I’ll be popping in to check posts daily (if possible) so between me and all the support from fellow knitters it should be a big help in getting the cardigan finished in time to use this summer!

2 thoughts on “Adrift KAL

  1. Hi
    I have just started Adrift. I am stuck on the raglan bit. How many stitch markers are supposed to be on needles. I had 4 but dropped 2 off when I did the short rows. Now I don’t know how to do the raglan bits. What do I do? where can I go for help? I don’t have a yarn store where I live.

  2. If you’ve only gotten as far as the short rows then you don’t have any increases yet. I’d suggest just counting the stitches you have on the needles and putting the markers back in place as indicated in the pattern.

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