Some new yarn

A little while ago Sarah from Babylonglegs send me a skein of her new yarn semi-precious in color ‘Carrot Cake’ to try out.  I had one of those love a first sight moments with the yarn and wasn’t able to stop knitting with it!  I ended up designing a new hat ‘My Little Precious’ with the yarn.  I wanted to kept it  simple enough that it will show off the pretty yarn while still being interesting to knit. The pattern has been tech edited, the photos have been taken and within the next few days we should have a finished pattern ready to release.

This yarn is a fingering weight merino/silk blend which has a distinctive silk smell from it.  I really like that smell, it feels less processed somehow.  (However I am happy to stand corrected on this as I’m not sure why silk sometimes smells like that!).

In addition to my new hat pattern Sarah sent some yarn (Semi-Precious in petrolhead) to Sally to knit up a version of ‘Centrique‘.  She did a wonderful job with the knit, and there is such good yardage with this yarn it took less than 1 skein!).  Babylonglegs will be selling packs with the yarn and pattern on her website shortly (as soon as I get a Babylonglegs version of the pattern sent to her!).  I believe also that she is planning a KAL for this shawl also so watch out for details.

Speaking of KALs, come take a look at all the pretty Adrifts that are being finished!  There are some very fast (and talented) knitters out there.

I don’t know if you are reading this but, I wanted to say a really big thank you to Joe my husband for taking all my photographs.  He is such a talented photographer, he really makes the knits shine.

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  1. It’s a Babylonglegs Fest, Carol :)
    Thankyou, Big Feller, aka Joe, for all your hard work making the PDFs and taking beautiful pictoores…
    And also to you Carol…

    S xXx

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