Baby Iced Cardi and hat

After Iced was published this Summer I began thinking about a baby/child version.  I wanted to keep the basic structure and feel of the cardigan the same but make it more suitable for a smaller body.

It’ll still be top down raglan construction with a large double breasted front band but the yarn weight I used is an aran weight so there is less bulk for a child.  I’ve put a fairly extensive size range together from 3 month up to 10 years.  The body will still be short as in the original but I’ve lengthened the sleeves and added a large garter stitch bottom band.  The whole cardigan is designed to grow with the child, the wrist bands can fold back when they’re small and then be unfolded when older.  The double breasted front can be fastened on the second set of buttons to also extend its useful life.

We met up with Tracy yesterday and took some photos of her beautiful 5 week old.  I think he looks just adorable in his Iced baby set!  The yarn was kindly donated by Jeni of Fyberspates, and the set took just two skeins of Scrumptious Aran (in Cherry). I’ve also knit a larger size for my niece for Christmas in Sarah’s (AKA Babylonglegs) Radiance Aran and the multi-colored yarn looks pretty wonderful in garter stitch knit in different directions!

I keep calling this set Iced Baby (cue the Vanilla Ice song) perhaps I should go find a new name?!?

This pattern should be up and available in the next few weeks, it is such a fast easy knit I think that I may be a little addicted to it (just finished another  hat for my 4 year old!)

5 thoughts on “Baby Iced Cardi and hat

  1. Oh thats soooooo cute! I know a few babys and tots that will be getting this knitted for them x

  2. Will be waiting in anticipation for pattern as a good friend is due over Xmas and once I know the sex (and size, was caught before with my SiL having a big baby who had outgrown newborn handknits before she born) I will be knitting it. Just double checked and my make one for already mentioned niece as well as she is 2.
    Will the hat be included to?

  3. The hat is included in the pattern as well. The size shown is on a 5 week old baby who is 11lbs. The sleeves are still rolled up so it still has some room from growth.

  4. I am so looking forward to this pattern! I have a new (1st) grandbaby coming & I want do it in deep purple. My son is a university soccer coach & their color is purple – so it will be fine for either sex. This set is adorable, Carol!!

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