It feels like spring!

It’s starting to feel like spring these days…mornings are brighter the weather doesn’t seem as cold (shame about the wet part!) and I’m feeling that springtime buzz.

I’m trying to be very organised in my knitting and designs these days and actually have some sort of a plan, lets see how long that lasts.  Here is my little stack of knits in various stages of progress.  The top cardigan will be the first to be released – this is the first version but the next (and hopefully final!) version should be ready to photograph this week.  This design had a pretty organic design process, it started for myself at Christmas and just evolved as I went along.  This of course meant that it wasn’t yet 100%, hence the redo! If everything goes well here it should be ready for release at the end of the month.

The middle one in the stack if from Euroflax linen.  I have had this for a couple of years and couldn’t decide what to use it for.  I love the drapy quality of linen so I have been swatching with it on and off in the hopes of finding just the right fit.  I’m very happy with this vest/sleeveless cardigan that it ended up being.  It is simple, drapey and had a somewhat deconstructed look that seems to suit linen.

The bottom one on the stack is still in progress.  This accidentally ended up being a new design!  I started out reworking Raspberry Layers pattern in a lighter weight yarn.  However as the accent slip stitch rows looked less dramatic in a lighter weight yarn I started experimenting and we now have  trinity/bramble stitch accent panels rather than slip stitch.  I’ve been wanting to work with this pattern stitch for a while, I love the textured open fabric it creates.  I think it’ll be somewhere in my future again!

Since last week I’ve been working on my ‘Author Review’ for the book.  This is so much more editing than I’ve ever done at one time before.  Normally I’m just reviewing a single pattern on its own, or perhaps 2.  This volume of patterns together really requires some serious head space.  I think I’m starting to get into the rhythm now though, hopefully it’ll keep chugging along without too many hiccups!  I can’t wait to get to next stage now and actually get to see the whole design put together, it’s all a little bit surreal.

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