Writing my way through mid-term break

All the boys are home this week on mid-term break.  I used to dread long holidays as there was such chaos at home making it really hard to get any work done.  However somehow it was different this week.  I’m not sure why that is; it may be that term time has become so mad with different activities and running around that a week of just staying at home is bliss or perhaps it is just that they are getting older and are capable of leaving me work for a few hours uninterrupted in the morning!

Whatever the reason we’ve settled into a nice schedule, everyone leaves me in peace for a few hours then I come out of the office and check that they have actually eaten something and we go do something for the day.  That way everyone wins.  I’m working my way through all of the book edits that I’ve been sent.  After my initial panic at all of the different color marks and potential changes I’m now really enjoying the process.  It is far less mentally taxing to review edits than write patterns, but at the same time I’m getting a very defined set of work finished.  I have just finished all the patterns so now it’s onto the essays.

Speaking of essays – I’ve realized how rusty my writing has gotten but between the book and various articles/book copy reviews (and of course blog posts) I’m being forced to dredge up skills that I haven’t used in many, many years.  They’re slow coming back but it feels good when you eventually get a flow going!

I found my book on Amazon last week much to my delight but I’m not going to link it yet as on some Amazon sites the name isn’t quite right yet (being changed!) and the copy is being updated.  Plus the cover won’t be up until April so you don’t ACTUALLY have anything to look at yet….doesn’t stop me getting excited though at being able to find myself on Amazon!

As well as book edits I’ve got a few more design projects at various stages of completion.  Some secret, some not so…a little peek here of a cardigan coming this weekend (if I can figure out the name!) in some lovely Fyberspates 4-ply.  Think there will be some more of that in the near future.  This is possibly one of my all time favorites, I knit my first trial version in Felted Tweed DK that has not come off since I sewed on the last button.

11 thoughts on “Writing my way through mid-term break

  1. carol, I am SO excited to finally see the book; I added it to my amazon wishlist! I can’t wait to show off the honeycomb sweater that I love so much!

  2. Oh please post the pattern SOOOOON!!! This looks like a perfect thing to get away from some of my current knitting frustration :/

  3. Hi, am going yarn shopping tomorrow and would like to ‘pre buy ‘ yarn for this cardigan. I am a size 10-12 and would appreciate info on how much to buy so that I can get some lovely yarn with my birthday money but tomorrow is the day for the yarn shopping!! pattern will be ordered when it becomes available. I love the combination of lace and cables- thanks in advance

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