March Maddness Promotion

March Madness promotion

For March purchase my new pattern Akoya pattern with the coupon akoyalove and receive $3 off another pattern.
This code applies for anyone who has already purchased the Akoya pattern. (Let me know it you have a problem!).

I know I could have called this a Paddy’s day promotion but as it is for my new March pattern Akoya March madness seemed more appropriate!  There’s already several versions of Akoya speeding along on Ravelry, I just love to see everyone’s unique version and modifications.

Yahoo Test Knitter Group

I set up a Yahoo group yesterday for test knitters.  Up to this my search for test knitters has been fairly haphazard so having a group dedicated to this seemed like a good way to organize it.  Joining the group doesn’t oblige you to knit all (or any!) of the test knits, you see what I’m putting up for testing and then you decide if it’s a good fit for you and if you have the time to complete it.  Do be warned that some patterns are done 6-12 months before release so if you think you will burst waiting that long to show your finished piece then it’s probably not for you!

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