Look what I found!

Just thought I’d share a little of my excitement – yesterday the boys were looking on Amazon and saw that my book cover had been added…
Contemporary Irish Knits

The exciting part about this of course if that you also get to have a sneak peek of one of the patterns!  This is my lovely cousin Claire modeling a fitted cardigan knit in Kerry Woollen Mills aran yarn (petrol color).  This cardigan (actually it it could probably be called a jacket) uses a variation of one of my favorite themes – ribbed cables.  I just love how you can used ribbing to create some great intertwining cables.  This particular photo was take at Jamesfort, Kinsale (in County Cork) overlooking the bay.  Jamesfort is still in the process of being renovated so it makes a great big open space to run little boys and dogs.  Right across the bay is Charlesfort; this is a very different fort, it is completely renovated and has a small museum inside.  Not so good for running through, but very interesting in its own right!

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