New Pattern – Zola (plus new format)

I’ve just put up my newest pattern – Zola.

zolaI love the loose, draped feel of this cardigan, just perfect for adding a little extra to an outfit during the spring and summer.  This version was knit using a sports weight linen but it would also work well with cotton or another yarn that has lots of drape which the cardigan needs.  The big draped pockets add a little bit of drama to a low key wearable top.

This pattern will be on special offer price of $5 until the end of the month and from May it will go up to the full price of $5.95.

I’ve done something a little different with this pattern, when you download it you’ll get two pdf options.  One is the starndard pdf in full color with photos and the second version is a print only version that is kept to the bare minimum with only text and schematic.  This means that if you are printing out the pattern you can save yourself some ink and just print the essentials.  If you like this idea let me know and I can start rolling it out across all my patterns.

One thought on “New Pattern – Zola (plus new format)

  1. I think the two version idea is a great one! I often wish I had both. Right now, only Knitty oes it and it would be great to have other designers do it also. I love the photos, because sometimes they can answer questions; but write on my patterns as I go along, so a written version with minimal or one photo would be great.


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