Fibre Feis 2011

In west Cork this weekend my friend Sue decided to hold her own little mini fibre event.  Her back garden was a sea of tents, spinning wheels and lots of smiling faces!

After a misty morning the clouds cleared and we miraculously had sunshine for most of the day!  It felt like such indulgence to sit knitting for the whole day, with mountains of food provided by everyone who came.

Except for the photo above and a very, very fuzzy photo of the bonfire at the end I didn’t take any photos in between.  Evin however took some great photos of the day, most importantly of Sue’s pretty new kitten Minou.  I also pulled out a few boxes of samples for people to try on and there will be a few of those up on Evin’s Flickr stream later.

Sue’s lovely DH (who was the model for Straboy in the book…) was worked hard that evening, barbecuing for us, and later building the most amazing bonfire.  It’s a pretty dreadful photo from my i phone at night but it gives you a hint of what it was like!

Many, many thanks to Sue and hubbie for the great (but exhausting!) weekend.

In the next day or two I’m going to post a little  more on the Contemporary Irish Knits Book.  I’ve put some details with a montage together and I’ve eventually managed to get all the patterns up on ravelry, that took quite a while!  I’ll have lots of fun stuff coming up to celebrate the book launch in the next few weeks, a blog tour kicking off on the 15th of September, some give away on the blog and a book launch party in Dublin.  The launch will be at This Is Knit on the 8th of September but we need to finalise the last few details.  If you want to make sure you book a place just get in contact with This Is Knit.

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