Cork date and October already!

This last month has just passed in a blur, I’m kind of in shock that we’re already in October!  We’re trying to get ready for another potentially cold winter here so I can hear the plumber banging away behind me upgrading our heating system.  We’ll now actually have thermostats and controls, how fancy are we!!

For anyone in the Cork area I’d really love if you could come along to Vibes & Scribes on Saturday 15th of October.  I’m going to be in the wool section of their shop (on Lavitt’s Quay) from 10.30 until 1 just hanging out.  I’ll have the samples from my book with me so if you want to try them on, ask about construction or modification I’m happy to chat!  If charts or cables make you a little nervous I’d be happy to talk through how they work with you.  So if you’re around come on in!

I’m finding the results of the survey really interesting, if you haven’t taken it yet I’d really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill it in.  You can find it here.  Once I get around 20 more responses I’ll post the results up here on the blog for everyone to see.  There were a few surprises!

We’re over halfway through the CIK book tour now.  Yesterday Ann Hanson posted a great review here with lots of photos from the book, and a chance to win the book if you comment before Thursday.  If you’ve missed a stop on the tour you can see the full list again below.  (You can even hear me chatting about the book with Marly Bird on her podcast!)

Tour details:
15/9/2011 Stephen West
17/9/2011 Hoxton Handmade
21/9/2011 Shannon Okey
23/9/2011 Rosemary Hill
25/9/2011 Ann Kingstone
27/9/2011 Marly Bird
29/9/2011 JC Briar
1/10/2011 Woolly Wormhead
3/10/2011 Anne Hanson
7/10/2011 Stephannie Tallent
11/10/2011 Alice Yu
13/10/2011 Michelle Miller
15/10/2011 Deirdre Thornton
17/10/2011 Ilga Leja

2 thoughts on “Cork date and October already!

  1. Noooooo! I’ll be in cork this weekend for my course and then again on the 21st. Typical!

  2. I know, I can’t believe it’s October either. And unseasonably warm. I don’t know where the time is going to be honest. Maybe we are all still waiting for a summer that never came so that’s why it doesn’t feel like October.

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