I’ve just had a new pattern Corcovado published in the Winter issue of Twist Collective. It is always such an honor to be part of the wonderful Twist team, their attention to detail and wonderful photography makes it just as exciting for me as any other knitter when the issue goes live!  One of the tech editors I work with, Ashley Knowlton, has some beautiful socks, Darlington in this issue also…now just to find some time to knit them (I appear to be running very short of hand knit socks!)

This cardigan was quite different for me in many ways.  I rarely work in multiple colors or with seamed designs!  The construction made sense for this cardigan, the back and front panels are worked in different directions so it was just as easy to sew a seam afterwards as to pick up stitches.
For anyone who really dislikes seaming I’d suggest picking up stitches from the side of the back panel and knitting directly from the back so a seam is unnecessary.

If stranded color work makes you nervous you’ll be happy to hear that this is created using slip stitch color work so you are only ever knitting with one color at a time and the color changes are close enough together that they can be woven up the side to avoid having to weave in a million ends!

I love how the brightly contrasting colors created a woven effect for the front of the cardigan.  In fact that’s how I came up with the name, Corcovado is a national park in Costa Rica close to a spot that my sister in law used to live.
A very different effect would be created with this cardigan if the colors used were closer in tone to each other, I’m curious to see any variations that people knit, so get knitting people!  You can see below my original swatch with only two colors, purple and pink:

Alternative color scheme

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  1. I’ve been there and was wondering if that was the inspiration for the name!

    Lovely sweater!

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