Fyberspates booklet

I’ve been hinting a little for the last few months at a new booklet I’ve been working on for Fyberspates.  I’m coming up to the final stages of finishing the booklet now and I’m getting very excited to see it all coming together!  Anyone who has used Fyberspates Scrumptious Yarn knows how delicious it is to work with (well it lives up to it’s name really!) so this was a pleasure to put together.  There will be a mixture of garments and accessories for women in the collection (7 patterns in total) and it will be available both digitally and in print.  Over the next few weeks I’ll give you a few more peeks at the collection…here is the first look, the cowl neck tunic.  (I still haven’t gotten my names for the pieces together!)

We’ve done several photo shoots for the booklet, but the final one from last Thursday really gave us some beautiful shots, the wonderful autumn light and bright golden leaves really create the perfect atmosphere.

I wanted to get this booklet printing this time so that it could be available for yarn shops to sell also.  If you’ve got a local yarn shop you’d like to see it in just tell them to contact one of my distributors.

This booklet should be available to pre-order in the next few weeks, with an extra exclusive pattern for anyone who pre-orders!  With the high cost of printing the pre-orders for this booklet will be important for me to help fund it.  Anyone who’s had anything printed recently knows just what I’m talking about.

3 thoughts on “Fyberspates booklet

  1. OH! I just love this one,,when will it be ready for sale?? Love the fact that it has just enough fun work in knitting, w/o a lot of heavy concentration,( sometimes I just NEED that) Please do tell when and where it wil be availble, I am a true admirer of your work and fell in love w/ your book, b/c I love working w/ cables( and I do fair isle) and not having my garment too heavy to wear indoors!

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