Almost Christmas..

I’m waking every morning at the moment with 3 little voices singing its only ‘x’ days left until Christmas (oldest is way too cool, and involved in exams for this!).  Currently they’re also wondering if there is any possibility of time travel to make the intervening days disappear.  Unfortunately for me, even though I am completely with them on this sentiment, every day closer to Christmas is also a day less towards deadlines :)

My niece will be here after Christmas so I’m hoping to get a second little girl knit finished before she leaves.  Knits for here are really selfish gifts…you can only take it if you let me photograph first!  The first knit I have for her is a version of Ignus Junior in Spud and Chloe sweater.  Its in the Watermelon colour so just right for a girl that is crazy about pink!  The knit I hope to get finished before she leaves is in Madelinetosh Tosh DK.  I’m pretty mad about this colour combination of Citrus and Tern, but these colours are really for me as she only wants pink.  It’ll be a child’s version of Eilonwy but with a swing cardigan that has long sleeves.  It’s a good thing I’ve got such yummy yarns to work with, it makes all the speedy knitting more fun!

Speaking of yarns, I got to try some of Miss Babs yarn this week and she has some seriously delicous colors….have a little peek here to make you jeleous!

Mis babs yarn

Just in case you want a little yarn love yourself, the publisher of my Contemporary Irish Knits Book, Wiley are doing a Christmas giveaway for a sizable batch of Studio Donegal yarn.  You just need to leave a comment by the end of the week here! (Please don’t watch the video, its seriously embarrassing to have to listen to my own voice!!)

7 thoughts on “Almost Christmas..

  1. Love Irish Contemporary knits & LOVE Donegal Studio’s yarn! Went all the way to Kilcar on a foggy day just to experience the magic – thank you Carol for publishing such a wonderful book :)

  2. I can definitely hear your accent ALOT more in this recording than when you talked to Marly. Do you find that you can switch to a more american accent if you’re talking to your husbands family? This is definitely true for me when I call my grandparents.

    That Miss Babs yarn looks yummy. Its one I’ve wanted to try for a while.

  3. I think I’m a chameleon! When living in Florida they only knew I was Irish when I got excited/annoyed but the second I arrived back home I could hear it go back to an Irish accent!

  4. Yes I’m the same way. When we went home I would start off talking in my “canadian accent” and by the time I was done talking with someone I was back to the Irish. My husband made sure to let me know that my Irish accent was back in full force.
    Funny how it changes automatically without even thinking about it.

  5. I finished my Ardara for your KAL on ravelry and I have gotten compliments every time I’ve worn it! It’s definitely my favorite sweater! I already have plans for Killybegs and Killorglin as well as the Dalkey Cowl and Mitts. I loved reading your book and am hoping to one day make it to Ireland! :)

  6. Love your choice of yarns for children’s knitting. My favorites too! I have plans to knit at least 3 patterns from Contemporary Irish Knits. Can’t wait to get started now that holiday knitting is done! Happy New Year!

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