Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I know it’s a week after the fact but as the kids just went back to school today it now feels like the New Year. Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions? I started the year as always promising myself that I’d actually start exercising (beyond walking) this year :) – I’m assuming I’m not the only person this year promising that to themselves!

However the past few days I was sick again. Not sick enough to go to the doctor, just a runny nose, sore throat and low energy. As I started thinking about the previous few months I realise that this low grade illness has been plaguing me for a while. It seems like nearly every second week I had to stop walking/running due to being sick. I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard the last year and I think it’s starting to wear me down. From mid-November to the end of January I have 8 deadlines. I’m working my way through them without a problem but I haven’t let myself relax in a really long time.

So my new year resolution is to take on a little less outside work and to allow myself to experiment a bit more. I want to play and have fun with yarn and needles again, to spend weeks swatching with different yarns and stitch patterns. My creative juices need a little reviving and perhaps my physical well being will follow?

So does anyone want to join me on this journey? Let’s go play with yarn together!

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