Making progress

I have been making progress over the last week!

I’m almost finished my final deadline and I’ve got the head space to start dreaming up new ideas.  This feels so very good.  I even got to swatch last night without feeling like I was neglecting work.

I’ve got a finished piece to show you (not blocked yet but getting there!)…my Leitmotif Cardigan.  Yes, it actually has two sleeves, finished right down to the cuff even!  After such a long time it was great to get to wear this over the weekend.

Remember my Hedghog Fibres Blue Faced DK?  It’s now in tidy skeins and  I can feel some very interesting colorwork coming on!  Or maybe I’ll just let the pretty skeins sit on my desk…

I’ve just seen a preview for my newest design, Aurelie Tank from Interweave Spring 2012; you can see a preview of the full mag here. I have to use the magazine photos for this one, it was an insane rush job and I didn’t even have time to photograph it!  It’s worked from the top down in the round starting at the top of the straps.  I became really interested in working with beads last year and this is a really nice way of introducing them into your knitting, the beads on the straps are added every right side row which gives them a much more solid feel than yarn alone for such small straps.  If you wanted a little less bling just choose a bead the same colour as the yarn and the effect will be very subtle.  The hips have got strings of draped beads that create a little triangle of beads.  If this is too many beads for you it can also easily be omitted for a plain body.  If you want a fast knit this is for you – knit and blocked in less than a week!

Finally, have you signed up for my newsletter? (Top left corner…over there!)  I’ll have a couple of patterns coming out later this week and I’ll have a special offer going out in my newsletter at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. Congratulations on the cardigan! Was it as comfortable as it looks? :)

    Ooh, Aurelie looks lovely! Can’t wait for my issue of IK to pop through the door now!

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