Remember this?

Do you remember this cardigan?

This is my version of the Leitmotif Cardigan. This pattern was published in the Fall 2010 issue of Interweave Knits.  Just after I sent their version off I started this one for myself in Cascade Eco+.    I made good progress for a little while and got the first half of the back done that summer.  Then work caught up with me and there was no time for selfish knitting so it sat for several months…..I picked it up again later that winter and got the second side finished.  And then it sat…for a whole year!  Last September I picked it up again and put it in the car.  I intended it to be my ‘waiting in the car project’.  That didn’t work out too well, I managed a sleeve cap and perhaps 2-3 inches of the sleeve. So, I’m almost at the end of my deadline knitting and we’ve had another cold snap.  I’m really mad at myself that I don’t have this cardigan to wear so I started back on it yesterday and finished the sleeve.  This morning I did the second sleeve cap and hopefully I’ll have the sleeve finished tonight so that I’ll have a cardigan to wear tomorrow before it gets warm again!  See that pretty shawl pin, great and useful gift from my Knitmas Gift exchange.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who lets non-deadline knitting languish for 18 months?  I never finish deadline knitting late but when it’s for yourself then no one is going to come screaming at you!

12 thoughts on “Remember this?

  1. That cardigan is beautiful! And no, you’re not the only one. I have a stash of half-done garments, most just missing a sleeve or two, all started in 2010!

  2. That is gorgeous, and will be stunning when it’s finished — you can do it! :)

    If it helps, I have projects dating back to mid-2009 that are still waiting for me to finish them…

  3. Funny should mention the Leitmotif as the one waiting to be done. I started my Leitmotif right when the pattern came out in Interweave, in some nice brown Malabrigo. But when I’d knitted with part of the second skein I noticed the big difference in dye lots (although they supposedly were the same dye lot) so I frogged the whole thing and started over with some Eco +. Halfway done and somehow I didn’t seem to be able to get the provisional cast-on back into the pattern again. I’ve used provisional CO plenty of times before, but only in stockinette, so this was a bit different. Been meaning to ask for help and more importantly see if it salvageable (I’ve fiddled with it a lot). Just like you a bit frustrated that I didn’t have it done so I could wear it this winter.

    But this is by far not the worst procrastination project. Have a cardigan done in Rowan KidSilk Haze that only need to have it’s sleeves seemed to the body and that’s been laying around 2.5years (?!) :/

  4. I’m worse than 18 months! I had a cardigan virtually all knit (just facings left) and it took (cough!) over 2 years to finish it! And then the weather was too mild to wear it! So I have welcomed this cold snap.

  5. I started a Lopi cardigan for my Dad in 1983. Have picked it up again, and despite his teasing that I am knitting him a “winding sheet”, or shroud, I expect to finish it in another 6-8 weeks. Just in time for spring.

  6. Your lavender version is beautiful. It seems larger than the pattern pic. More of a shawl collor. Do I go up a size or needle size or yarn to get that look. GORGEOUS. As I write I’m making “Killybegs” in Kilcara turquoise which I purchased a long time ago. Just waiting for the perfect sweater and found it.

  7. I’ve used the same size needle and body as the sample but I worked the front edges for an extra inch or two until I got a comfortable overlap for fastening. I think I also decreased the sleeves more slowly and left them wider at the cuff for a more generous size.

  8. Do you plan, or can you publish the Leitmotif as you show it pictured above. The one in Interweave is lovely, but I like a little more coverage, like the one pictured here. Beautiful design!

  9. This is the same as the published pattern, I just allowed a little more ease and I continued knitting the front band until it overlapped rather than touching. Easy modifications!

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