Help me name the pattern!

I’m planning on putting this pattern up for pre-sale on Ravelry this afternoon:

I have a problem though, I can’t for the life of me name it!  When I look at it I just see the colour (which I love) and want to call it ‘Study in Pink’.  For Joe the folds on the hat remind him of the Shar-Pei dog!

Post your name suggestions below and everyone who posts a name suggestion will be entered into a random draw, you’ll have to be quick though as it’ll  be up for today only.  Who knows, perhaps the perfect name will come to me by this evening!  The winner of the draw will be posted tomorrow and if you don’t win, I’ll also have a pre-order reduced price for the set.

This is set is knit using one of my new favourite yarns, Soft Donegal.  I don’t normally like pale pink but the flecks of purple, blue and cream running thought it completely transform the colour from me and make it very wearable.

They are both knit using a slip stitch pattern that is fast to work but creates a wonderful textured surface that works really well with the tweedy yarn.  The hat uses one of my favourite edges, a folded hem which is created seamlessly.

The cowl is knit in a large size, to create a length that works perfectly wrapped around your neck twice.  I don’t think I’ll every knit a scarf again – a long cowl works so much better and won’t come unwrapped!

40 thoughts on “Help me name the pattern!

  1. The hat and cowl are really beautiful. My suggestion? Serene Hat and Cowl.

    Good luck and congratulations!

  2. this colour makes me think of heather in bloom, so my name would be “reflections of heather” haha, lame I know but I had a crack.

  3. Hi there, where can I purchase Donegal Soft on-line? Have they brought out new shades as the only colour cards I see on their website don’t have the colour above.

    The name I put forward for your hat and cowl is “Morning Walk”.

    The colour is just lovely. All the best, Kristine

  4. The pattern of the cowl (in the first figure) reminds me the grass moved by the wind. You should name this set: “Movements of the natura”… ;)

  5. I don’t know if anywhere has it online but I believe both This Is Knit and The Yarn Room are both stocking it. The colour number is 5241

  6. Had a look at both those websites This Is Knit and The Yarn Room. This is Knit doesn’t have an online shop anymore and the Yarn Room only stocks the Aran Tweed. Thanks for the colour number I will keep researching.

  7. I will throw in Katherine’s Choice. Its the name of a soft pink irish heather the colour reminds me of1

  8. This is probably NOT what you’re looking for but the texture reminds me of stair steps. In Greek its Skalia….

  9. This stitch remind me art marquetry , and as I am french I want to summit ”marqueté”
    Google trad proposal is ”inlaid”’ but I’m not sure it’s the same …
    Good luck for choosing a name !!

  10. Meandering Cowl and Hat. I like the way the slip stitch seems to meander through the fabric. The pattern is beautiful.

  11. It looks a bit like a herringbone pattern, so I’d suggest Scadán (Irish for herring). It looks lovely in the tweed yarn.

  12. I would call this lovely set Prairie Sunrise. The sky outside my window this morning is that exact color!

  13. No suggestions on the name but I am loving Kunzite.

    Just wanted to confirm This is Knit definitely has this wool as I ordered some this weekend. Their on-line store is being revamped and will be back soon.

    Spring wools also have but I think only in cones.

  14. The pattern suggests to me the interesting repeats and textures of traditional stone walls. These two pieces look sturdy enough to keep the cold away and withstand a lot of wear. So I’m submitting “Mourne Wall”.
    Wish I were in Ireland right now… Regards from NS!

  15. I suggest ” Pink Tender ” or ” Pink Wicker(work)” or ” Pink Nest ” because of nest’s twigs. What ever I love those two patterns. Regards from MC

  16. The texture reminded me of European garden mazes. How about “Maze of Shadows”?

  17. Parel

    Dutch for pearl, as the folds in the hat make me think of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

  18. The color reminds me of spring “Hyacinth”
    Good luck. Another beautiful creation, can’t wait to knit it!

  19. The stitch pattern reminds me of parquetry flooring, so I would suggest something along the lines of “parqueterie”

  20. When I look at this set, I think of a beautifully formed decorative cake that still has some delicate, free form qualities. So I suggest Fondant.

    Fondant (UK: /’fÉ’ndÉ™nt/, US: /’fÉ‘ndÉ™nt/ or /’fÉ‘ndÉ‘nt/, from the French: /fɔ̃.dɑ̃/) is one of several kinds of icing-like substance used to decorate or sculpt pastries. The word, in French, means “melting”.

  21. The pattern st reminds me of a stairway, and the yarn looks really heavenly, so what about Stairway to Heaven? I love that song too…. ;-)

  22. It looks like a spiral of pink (!) ice cream, so what about rasperry swirl?
    Every good pattern should be named after a dessert!!

  23. How about Donegal? That’s the first word that comes to my mind when I see this.

  24. how’s about ‘Studious’. not a million miles away from your working name for it. Also I’m sitting cold at computer after doing about an hour of online tutorials for my current nightclass & cannot help but think that I would be so cosy wrapped up in this pattern.

  25. How pretty! I think “Herringbone” would work well as a name–the pattern reminds me of that look.

  26. If Study In Pink is too colour-specific, how about Doyle, to keep the Sherlock connection?

  27. It looks like a woven twill fabric. It looks lavender on my monitor so I would think:
    “Lavender Twill” but since heather was referred to maybe “Heather Twill” or “Pink Heather Twill”.

  28. Some great name suggestions. Loved knitting the hat.

    Just to say that The Yarn Room definitely stocks Donegal Soft. Saw it there 2 weeks ago in all shades.

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