Byzantine Walk

We have a winner!  Erica is the winner of my random drawing, congratulations.  However as I was working my way thought the great name suggestions that you posted I wanted to add an extra bonus prize for the name I choose, so thank you Jody for the name ‘Byzantine Walk’.  It somehow managed to stick in my head!

So may I introduce to you

Byzantine Walk

I have been playing with this stitch pattern for a long time now.  It looks really different when worked with small and large gauges and with different yarns.  I finally settled on  this yarn with the pattern as I really like the interplay of the yarn texture with the slipped stitches.  At the moment I”m really enjoying texture in my knitting!

If you want to buy this pattern now it is available at a discounted pre-order price of $5, next week when the full pdf is uploaded it’ll go up to its full price.   When you buy now you’ll get an information page about the pattern with all the details.  When the full pattern is uploaded you’ll be sent a link automatically for it.
buy now

On a different note, I’ve just spotted a post on Hedgehog Fibres blog talking about my upcoming class there. Still some spaces….

3 thoughts on “Byzantine Walk

  1. Awww. Didn’t pick mine.

    Still! (she brightens) That means I can use the name myself sometime.

    Enjoy your Byzantine Stroll. Sounds very exotic!

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