I’m very honored to be part of the Twist Collective once again.  They are such a lovely team to work with and do an amazing job.  The 2012 Spring/Summer magazine is huge!  There are a ton of amazing designs so go check it out!  My contribution this year is a circular shawl called Corona.  You can find it on ravelry here also.

I had so much fun knitting this shawl, it was like seeing a giant sunburst appearing! It was my first time working with Miss Babs yarn and the color was just perfect for the project.  When a friend saw me knitting it she described the color as marmalade but I think the official color is ‘Squash’.

The construction for this shawl is a little unusual, I began with a circle of garter stitch being worked from the side using short rows. When this is complete the start and end of the circle is grafted together.
Then you pick up stitches from around the circle, increase and work the lace to the edge. Finally a knitted on garter edging matches exactly with the garter stitch center.

This would be an easy shawl to modify.  Just work the garter stitch center for half the amount and you could create a semi-circular shawl.  The biggest difference being that you would now have WS rows of lace also, but working from the chart would make it very feasible.

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