Expanding Ripples Scarf

You may have noticed that I don’t knit all that many scarfs.  Lots of cardigans, a good few shawls but pretty much no scarfs!  With most scarfs knit from end to end there is something unappealing for me about so many rows and so much turning of the work.  That’s actually how the Expanding Ripples Scarf came about.  I wanted to knit a ruffled scarf but without have to work just a handful of stitches on each row.  This scarf is worked from the long side to the other side in a relatively tightly knit strip at the center and then the ‘expanding ripples’ are picked up all around and increased dramatically to create a ruffle all around the scarf.

I knit it really long so that it can be worn doubled over and will loop through itself.  However it’s really easy to modify this with a shorter cast on and by increasing the outer ruffles if you want to.  This was my first time trying out Manos del Uruguay ‘Lace’.  It was just perfect for this project, as lace goes it’s on the heavier side and the fluffy halo from the alpaca gives an extra dimension to the scarf.

This was published in the second edition of Interweave Knits newest magazine – Knit.Wear Spring 2012.  I like the concept behind this magazine, simple clean lines but very interesting knitting with multiple ways to wear many of the garments.  Plus I just adore the photography for the magazine, also clean but very atmospheric.

Here is my own very poor photo from before I blocked it.  I think the ruffles have retained their shape a little more than in the other photos?

For anyone out there waiting for the first clue on the Ravi KAL….watch your inbox later today :-)  You should also keep an eye on the KAL board on Ravelry, there’s a great buzz over there.

One thought on “Expanding Ripples Scarf

  1. Hi Carol,
    I just wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous designs. I found you through Knit Wear magazine and have subscribed to your newsletter.
    I have a pattern so similar to your Expanding Ripples Scarf, I just had to write and tell you about it. Mine is called Freshwater Waves and I’ve had it on Ravelry and Etsy since early this spring. I find it validating and encouraging that my scarf is so similar to yours, so I’ll keep designing.
    I hope you check it out sometime.

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