Ravi Short Rows in Garter Stitch

I’m putting together a quick blog post for all my Ravi Knitters out there.

There are a lot of questions about how to work the short rows.
Any method you want to use that you get the desired results is just fine.
If you use w&t method you can either pick the wraps up to work with the stitch or it is also possible to leave the wraps where they are.  In garter stitch they are somewhat hidden by the purl bump on the RS of the work.
When I was working the yoke I was happiest personally with the Japanese short rows.  The tutorial shown here in my blog is for st st and we are working in garter so it will work a little differently.
I’m putting up a series of photos below showing how I worked the Japanese short rows in garter and how I picked them up.
If you change the way you work the short rows as you are creating the yoke that works fine, I actually did that with the cardigan so that they got neater as I worked!

Japanese Short Rows In Garter Stitch, worked on the WS

There are two different methods of working this both of which give nice results.  In the method shown in photographs below I’ve described how you work it if your ‘pin’ is hanging to the RS of your work. Below I’ve also given a written description of how to hid the wrap if your pin hangs on the WS of the work.

Work in garter stitch on the WS of the work to the position of the first short row.

Work to position you want the short row, place pin around yarn which will hang on the RS of the work
Turn work to the RS, slip 1 st from left needle to right needle, bring your working yarn to the back of the work and you can see your pin hanging in front of your right needle.

Finish working to the end of the RS row. For this pattern you will repeat this several times until you have 5 safety pins across your knitting. At this point you will work a complete WS row picking up all the wraps.
When you reach the first wrap you need to pick up on the WS row it will look like this.

WS of work when you reach the gap created by the short row. You can see that your pin is behind the right hand needle on the RS of the work.
Pull the pin up so that it sits on the left hand needle and remove the pin from around the yarn.
Knit this loop with the next stitch on your needle.

You will now continue knitting until you reach the next wrap you need to pick up.

This is how the ‘double stitch’ created by the wrap looks on the RS of the work.

Note: To actually see this you’ll have to turn your work as you’re working on the WS!

Alternative method which hangs the pin on the WS.

1. Knit on the WS to your ‘gap’.

2. Turn your work the the RS, sl 1 st from left needle to the right needle, bring your working yarn to the correct position at the back (WS) of your work and then place the pin on your yarn. This will place your pin on the WS rather than the RS of your work.

3. Continue to work your short rows until all are completed.

4. Working on the full WS row where you have to pick up wraps work to the position of the first gap, your pin will be under the right needle on the WS of your work (which is the side closest to you).

5. Slip 1 st p-wise from left needle to right needle.

6. Pull pin with wrap to sit wrap on the left needle and remove the pin (this will be pulled up on the WS of the work).

7. Sl stitch back again from the right needle to the left.

8. Knit the wrap and stitch together.

This will give you a similar result and will again ensure that you only have the ‘double stitch’ showing on the RS of the work and not any extra loops of yarn.


7 thoughts on “Ravi Short Rows in Garter Stitch

  1. I hope you will do a video of this technique as well. Thank you.

  2. I am still getting a big loop where the two loops are together on the right side.

  3. I am just getting started. I have done a tutorial on short rows but I am stumped in the Ravi pattern at Row 2! My yarn is wif with the 3 sl stitches. Was i suppose to do a W&T then knit row 2? My yarn doesn’t seem to be in the right place to k.
    Are we actually knitting the purl row??
    Stumped!! Need to get going if i am going to do this for Christmas!

  4. Hi, I just replied to you by email – those 3 stitches are not a short row they are the i-cord edging around the neck.

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