My Craftsy Classes are Live!

I’m really happy to be able to tell you that my two craftsy classes are now live!

The first class is Celtic Cables and it will work you through how to work cables and read cable charts.  In addition to this you’ll get the exclusive Portulaca Cardigan that was designed just for this class.  The class is set up like a full cardigan knit along (KAL) working you first through measuring yourself and choosing the perfect size.  Then helping you decide if there are any small adjustments you’d need to make for your body size.  From there we’ll work through every step of the cardigan, swatching, casting on, working the body, sleeves and then joining it all together for the yoke.

If you’ve never incorporated cables in garment knitting this is a great introduction or perhaps this is your first cardigan?  The class is nicely set up for helping knitters along – you watch the video and then you can ask me and your fellow knitter questions.  You can also jump in and help other knitters out if you’ve got answers or suggestions for them.  All projects that knitters are working on can be linked to the class so you can see what other knitters are doing in the class as well.

The second class is actually a free class on Short Rows.  As many of you probably know already I’m fairly fond of short rows.  There are many, many ways of working short rows and in this class I talk about a few different ways of working them.  But more importantly I talk about how to break a short row down so you can see exactly how it works and what you’re trying to do with it.  This can make a lot more sense of short rows!  The final two classes cover different things you can do with short rows.  We look at shoulder slopes and set in sleeves using short rows as well as creating short row bust shaping.  Now do be aware that as this is a free class I won’t have any interaction in the class.  You can still talk with other knitters in the comments though and discuss how you’re using short rows in your projects.

9 thoughts on “My Craftsy Classes are Live!

  1. Just popping in to say that I enjoyed your short row class on Craftsy. You are a natural on camera! ;-D

  2. Hi,
    I just worked through your short-row class on Craftsy and enjoyed it very much.
    There is another short-row method that you missed. I discovered it while knitting socks. It is the slipped yarn-over method. On knit rows (RS) you knit to your turning point and then turn (now you are on the WS), with the yarn forward, slip the first st pwise. Now pull your working yarn up and over the right needle then around and between the needles to the front again. You will have made two “legs” which will only count as 1 st. Give a little tug to pull the yarn tight then purl to the next turning point and turn. (Now you are working on the RS) with the yarn forward, slip the first st pwise. Pull the working yarn up and over the right needle to the back. You will have made two little “legs” which will count as only 1 st.
    When you work the slipped yarn-overs, knit the 2 “legs” together as one st on the RS and purl the 2 “legs” together as one st on the WS.
    I find that this method gives an even nicer WS fabric than the Japanese Method.

  3. Don’t you just love how many ways there are to work short rows? There is also the German method that I just found out about and thr sweet tomato heel. However they all do have the same basic concept which I think can be applied to every to every method.

  4. Carol Thank You for your Short row Class – I love learning new things… the Sleeves & Shoulder Slopes idea is wonderful can’t wait to try it!!!
    Will Ravi be available after the KAL is completed? we are moving so I can’t start a major project until late fall. Ravi will be a perfect cardi for Arizona! Thanks again for all your help. – CC

  5. Hello Carol – I discovered your Short Rows class on Craftsy and am now hooked! I signed up for your Celtic Cables class as well & can hardly wait to start knitting the beautiful Portulaca cardigan. Slan Leat!

  6. I just began your short row class today and can’t believe i’m actually enjoying short rows! Now i look forward to my next pair of socks (and the rest of the class). I plan on taking on my first sweater this fall and am sure these will come in handy. thanks for making the class free. Now that i see how the online classes work i’m much more inclined to sign up for some of the paid ones.

  7. I signed up for your short row class yesterday and just finished the swatch – what a GREAT find (! I’ve hesitated to start my first sweater since the short row instructions seem too daunting, but no longer. I’ve knit socks before and didn’t realize heel short rows were pretty much the same technique. Thanks for such a terrific video – you are an excellent instructor and quite talented. Now I see you have a cable class too? Perfect!

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