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I’ve been busy for the last few days behind the scenes putting together a blog tour for my Craftsy Celtic Cables class.  If you’re a little nervous about the idea of on online class (or perhaps trying cables in a garment?) then this tour might hopefully answer your questions and help you decide if this class is for you.  Craftsy is my first experience with online teaching.  Before I started the whole process I had a very hard time picturing how it would work!  I just didn’t ‘get’ it.  I’m still amazed at what a great idea these Craftsy courses are, the combination of streaming video and teacher interaction works really well.  As a student I had visions of live online chats that you had to be available for at certain times but this is totally different.  You can of course ask questions all along the way but it fits in really well for teachers and students as the questions and answers link to the section of the video where they’re asked.  This means that they’re available to you as you watch – you can see that several other students had the same question as you!

So follow along on the tour (dates below) to see reviews, interviews and the occasional guest blog post!

23rd July Heatherly Walker of yarn yenta
25th July Melissa Kwan of Miso Crafty Knits
28th July Ursa Hawthorne of The Pagan Knitter Podcast
1st August Anniken Allis
3rd August Vanessa Laven of Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts
7th August Romi
5th August Handmade By Stefanie
9th August A Good Yarn Sarasota
11th August The Sexy Knitter

There is still one more addition to the blog tour but the date are still to be set, check my blog for updates!

2 thoughts on “Celtic Cables Blog Tour

  1. What a great “add-on” for the class (which im enjoying as well as your short row!) look forward to the tour! Thank you Mrs. Feller for thinking of it!

  2. I am SO EXCITED about this class, Carol! I love cables in any way, shape or form but had given up on knitting my oversized Arans. I’m looking forward to knitting a fitted Aran! Signed up earlier today and just followed the resource link to order that beautiful green yarn. Thanks!

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