My son’s knitting

Over the last few years 3 of my 4 boys have learned to knit.  The first knit a hat and some swatches, the next knit himself a pullover and half a bag and the third one knit a chicken and started a scarf.

After coming back from summer camp in Dublin my oldest got much admiration for the hat he both knit and dyed with Kool Aid.  Knitting suddenly became desirable again :-)  So this blog post is to share his second ever knit – have to say I’m mighty proud of him!  A big thanks to Woolly Wormhead who’s hat design Aeonium he knit.

He used some Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride I had in my stash for a few years, glad to see it put to good use! He knit it for a friend’s birthday but is sad to be saying goodbye to it now.

Also, on a recent trip to Killarney he brought me a poor injured sheep for my office.

6 thoughts on “My son’s knitting

  1. That is fabulous! My daughter taught two of her guy friends to knit when she was in college. They called the needles harpoons and spears. Wooly Wormhead always has great designs and your son chose well!

  2. Your son’s knitting is great. I love the colour, his friend is very lucky. Maybe he will start a whole new crafty trend, love it!

  3. Wow, well done to your son. That’s fabolous knitting. Wish I could get my girls interested in knitting. Both have learnt and oldest knitted a chunky scarf but not touched needles since. Youngest dabbles in a bit of knitting, crochet and weaving every now and then but never actually finishes anything.

  4. * How very nice for you to see your talents surfacing through your son! My son does lovely crocheted throws, this inspires me to teach him the art of knitting. Thank you for sharing!*

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