Portulaca cardigans in progress

When you put a pattern up for sale (whether it is on your own website or in a magazine) it always feels like a jump into the dark. Even though it’s been test knit and tech edited there is always some part of you that wonders if it is going to make sense to everyone reading it! This is probably why I feel extra happy when I start to see finished knits appearing. Not only does it mean that knitters liked the design enough to spend many weeks working on it but my instructions make enough sense that the can produce a finished piece from it!
This sensation was double with my Craftsy Celtic Cable class.  I had both the pattern and a video class for people to follow.  Would it all make sense to people, and would my meaning translate to video?

Well it would appear that the answer to both is yes :-)  Over the last few weeks finished cardigans in all sizes with different yarns have started appearing and they look just amazing!  I’ve got a few below to show you and admire…

MNKnitter knit with her own handspun!

dextermaine knit from madelinetosh tosh vintage for a sleek look.

parrotpurl knit from Fibranatura Shepherd’s Own.

Running a class like this on Craftsy has been an eye opener for me in terms of how knitters approach a new project.  Based on the questions that I’m asked most frequently there seems to be a few common areas that knitters are running into problems.  Not surprisingly the first most frequent question is in relation to yarn and yarn weight.  After that there are lot of questions on gauge, how to adjust needle size for gauge differences and how to deal with correct stitch gauge but incorrect row gauge.  After these initial question the only other significant one is about the set-up row for the cable stitches and then everyone just seems to be off on a roll and there is little to no questions.  So if you’re intimidated about starting maybe you should take heart in that; it appears that once you get yourself past the first few hurdles the cardigan is fairly smooth sailing :-)

25 thoughts on “Portulaca cardigans in progress

  1. I have been signed up for this class and can’t wait till my needles are clear to start it . glad to know where the areas of concern are and encouraged by these beautiful examples.

  2. I too am saving this class for my winter knitting. I love the look of the sweater. Just hit a great sale at WEBS and got the perfect yarn in shades of orange.

    Beautiful work on these sweaters. And great teaching Carol.

  3. *beautifully done!
    I, too, am knitting this sweater a bit later, that is, when I finish the current project.
    I am looking forward to it, I have a beautiful chocolate brown Aran yarn by Debbie Bliss to use for the Portulaca sweater.*

  4. I’m in the class and have thoroughly enjoyed myself–just too lazy to take pictures along the way. I’ve learned so much more from your online class than any others I’ve taken in person. Thanks so much for the clear instructions! Once done, this sweater will be cherished!

  5. My cardigan is almost finished.
    I love your class, the way you explain things, very simple and I can understand very well, cause I do not speak English very well, (You can see here :-P )
    I love learning the alternative cabled cast on, the cables, and every little detail that you speak.
    Congratulations for this beautiful design and the class, they are very good.

  6. Love seeing such pretty cardi’s! Cannot wait to get started! I have been signed up for some time but was waiting until the weather cooled off a bit to start something heavier! Have watched several of the videos……wonderful job!

  7. I had a couple of hurdles at the start (with gauge and needle size) but like you say, once I’d cast on and got going, it’s all be very straightforward.

    I just wish I could knit faster because I’m itching to wear it!

  8. Swatches are done! I am ready to start! Can’t wait to get knitting! This is my first time with an online video class. I think it’s brillant! Thank you for all your had work!

  9. I haven’t started yet either – ordered my yarn and trying to finish another project first – but i can’t wait – this will be my first sweater!!

  10. So relieved to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t started the project yet! I’m so impressed by photos of those completed sweaters, gorgeous! Doubly impressed by those who have spun their own yarn…maybe I’m not yet in the right league, and hope to profit from others’ expertise.

  11. I’m in awe of the hand spinners as well :-) I’ve got so few hours available to me every day that I won’t even allow myself to start spinning! Take your time with the cardigan, it’s as much about the process as the end product.

  12. I also am waiting to start this class in the winter. I’ve got a few WIPs I need to get done for Christmas gifts. I will start this class after Christmas and can hardly wait!

  13. I’m loving this pattern! I’m knitting it a fair bit longer in a gorgeous tweed. This is the first craftsy class I’ve ever taken and it is a cool format. Thanks for all support in answering questions

  14. I’m so looking forward to starting this class! Your short-rows class that I recently finished has been invaluable to me, and your teaching method is wonderful. For the time being, I’m saving the class for cooler weather; and a decision from my daughter (this one will be for her) on color!

  15. Waiting to start the class after Christmas when i have some time for myself. Can’t wait.

  16. I, too, have bought this class. I am waiting for my yarn to come acrosss the pond from a shop in Bath, UK. It is Soft Donegal in Navy–I am not a ‘green person’. I am really looking forward to knitting this sweater! But first I have to get a few other things off of my needles!

  17. I too love the format of this class and Carol, you are a great teacher. I haven’t completed watching the whole class but have learned so much already. Will finish the class then restart it and start the cardi but that will have to wait until winter. The pics of the finished cardis are beautiful. Great work ladies.

  18. Will you be having another KAL soon? I’m starting my holiday knitting and love this pattern. KAL’s challenge me to finish items quicker and if I get stuck, I have resources to help me through! Thanks for your gorgeous patterns.

  19. Hi Carolyn, kals are great for motivation aren’t they? I’m planning on running another kal in October so make sure you sign up for newsletter so you will know!

  20. I am excited to start this class, but have so many things going for others, that it is going to be a while before I can justify knitting for myself. I hope I can get started in a few weeks. It sounds like others are having delay issues too, so hopefully I will not be the only late one.

  21. I too am waiting till I finish other projects to start this class. I have watched some of the ‘topic’ sections and have had no problems understanding Carol’s instructions – you are a great teacher Carol – I just love the Craftsy format ;-)

  22. Hi, Carol! I have just started watching the videos for the class. I am presently living in South America and the yarn is not available here. I ordered directly from Ireland, and had it sent to my address in Pennsylvania, USA. When it arrives there, a friend will then send it to me here. Lot of time waiting, huh? But I think it will be worth it! I LOVE your class, you explain everything SO easily, so calmly. I have never attempted cables, they scared me. But now, I am confident that I will pull this cardi effortlessly. I will keep a close eye on the cable set up row, where there seems to be a general consensus of an obstacle. I downloaded the pattern instructions and while I watch you go through the explanations of every bit of the garment, I try following in the pattern instructions. This way I hope that when my yarn finally arrives I will be more then familiarized with the instructions. Thanks for such a wonderful class!

  23. I am still practicing my cables before I start and watching the videos. I love the class and the way that you teach.

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